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  • The dilemma of Pakistani Muslims – by Sheikh Sarmad

    Currently Muslim world is trying to look inwards to find the solution to the continuous dilemma that it finds itself for the last few hundred years. Can we find a source of renaissance by looking inward? I would say, No! History is replete with instances when an impetus for a change came from outside. If […]

  • Rumi: The divine dancer – by Ammar Ali Qureshi

    Ammar Ali Qureshi has kindly sent his article published in “The Friday Times” to be posted at LUBP. How relevant is Rumi today? asks Ammar Rumi, according to the German philosopher Hegel, was one of the greatest poets and thinkers in world history. His translator, R.A.Nicholson, rated him as the “greatest mystical poet of any […]