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Afghan peace, attacks during Ashura and the fake Wikileaks – by TLW: Specially contributed to the LUBP, this post was first published at These Long Wars blog If there is one thing that has “obsessed” me over the last few days of being too farigh over the internet, it’s Afghan peace.
Wikileaks and living in ‘Denialistan’ -by Arshad Mahmood:
Pakistan seeks $50bn foreign debt waiver -by Khaleeq Kiani: ISLAMABAD: As federal and provincial economic teams assured the international community on Sunday of their resolve to introduce wide-ranging taxation measures, including Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) and taxes on agriculture and real estate, Interior Minister Rahman Malik made
US lawmakers express love and solidarity; is America a friend or foe of Pakistan?: The resolution supports the use of funds by Washington to help relief efforts and “urges the United States administration and the international community, including private citizens and foreign governments, to continue providing assistance” to Pakistan. President Asif Ali Zardari
Pakistan needs civilian rule, says US envoy: The US has dismissed suggestions that the Pakistani military could form a viable alternative to the civilian government, widely criticized for its handling of the country’s flood crises. Special envoy Richard Holbrooke praised civilian politicians and said the US would support
Amb. Haqqani – Lobbying for “Transformation” – by Anas Muhammad: On January 15, 2009, Ambassador Husain Haqqani, was a special guest to a gathering at the Nixon Center, which discussed the US-Paksitan relations. This is one of the many forums Honorable Ambassador has addressed, since being appointed at his
Local Goebbels, Foreign Masters, and the Balkanisation of Pakistan: A thought provoking op-ed by Asadullah Ghalib in which he exposes the real plans of the anti-democracy campaign by certain agents in Pakistani media and their foreign masters. This is followed by an op-ed by Mehmood Sham along the
Quetta appears to be Taliban headquarters: Holbrooke: Peshawar, Mar 24 (ANI): US special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has said that Quetta, the capital of Pakistans Balochistan province, appears to be the Talibans headquarters. Holbrooke made it clear that the number one problem in
Holbrooke: Only 5pc Afghan Taliban are hard-core militants: Only 5pc Afghan Taliban are hard-core militants: Holbrooke By Our Correspondent Thursday, 26 Feb, 2009 WASHINGTON, Feb 25: Only five per cent of the Taliban militants in Afghanistan are hard-core, others can be persuaded to abandon violence, says Richard
Mr. Holbrooke, you got it right. Pakistan’s No. 1 challenge is to control rogue elements: Internal divisions? Saturday, February 21, 2009 In his first detailed comment on the situation in Pakistan after his recent fact-finding and get-to-know mission, Special Envoy of President Obama, Richard Holbrooke has revealed more than anyone in Pakistan could have
Mr. Holbrooke, in order to understand the situation in Pakistan, you need to have a grip on the Mullah-Military Alliance in Swat….: A dangerous trend — Talimand Khan Why has the security apparatus failed to cut the militants’ supply lines; how come random journalists can talk to Fazlullah but security forces are unable to track him down; and if the state’s
Pakistan’s eight points for Holbrooke – How to restore peace in Afghanistan and FATA: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 Nasim Zehra The writer is an Islamabad-based security analyst Speaking in Washington to a conference sponsored by the Reserve Officers Association on Monday, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen said, “I
The real task before Holbrooke – by Rahimullah Yusufzai: The real task before Holbrooke Saturday, January 24, 2009 Rahimullah Yusufzai The writer is resident editor of The News in Peshawar By naming top-ranking diplomat Richard Holbrooke as the US special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the administration of