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The killing fields and fault lines of Pakistan – by Murtaza Haider: The killing fields of Pakistan The bloodbath in Karachi continues. The death toll in the last week alone has reached over 100. A glance at the online tally of dead bodies in Karachi leaves not much room for hope in Pakistan’s
The misguided priorities of Pakistani academics – by Murtaza Haider: A recent public opinion poll revealed that the top-most research priority areas identified by Pakistanis included Chemistry, Urdu literature, Islamic studies, Arabic, Botany and Zoology. Those who responded to the survey asked of Pakistani academics to devote their energies
Higher education in Pakistan – by Dr. Javaid Laghari: The developing countries are no longer content to be a source of cheap labour. Instead, they are rapidly becoming the driving force of innovation and creativity. They are redesigning entire products and business processes to reduce costs. IBM today