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Demanding justice for the 12 year old Christian child who was raped in Punjab: October 14, 2011 To Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan President’s Secretariat Islamabad, PAKISTAN Dear Mr. President, We, the following social activists and members of the web-based online forum The Moderates, have come to know about a dastardly
The vulnerability of Khawja Siras in Pakistan -by Zeeba Hashmi: The fact is they exist, and have been existing here throughout our history. They were the entertainers, the artisans, the lovers, the bodyguards, the warriors, the dancers, the feeble among the crux of the society that never looked at
Original sins: Priest arrested for raping girl: Pakistani Christian clergy is one of the most corrupt segment of the society. Our priests and bishops have been involved in all sorts of corruption and illegal activities, and have been practiced fraud, theft, cronyism and other corrupt behaviour
Listening to Munawar Hasan’s views on rape was very traumatic – by Dr. Shazia Nawaz: You might be angry at Munawar Hassan of Jamat-e-Islami for saying that in order to avoid jail time, victims of rape should stay quiet.  I feel sorry for him.  He reminds me of Nana Jee. He looks like Nana
Mukhtaran Mai case: Other side of the story–By Haider Javed Syed:
Mukhtaran Mai verdict: Where the court went wrong – Abira Ashfaq: With thanks : Tribune Human rights activists are rightfully outraged that the Supreme Court (SC) has upheld the acquittals of five of the accused in Muktar Mai’s case, except Abdul Khaliq. (The State v. Abdul Khaliq, Criminal Appeals No.163
My honor is not bigger than my life! – by Shazia Nawaz: I did not expect Mukhtar’s rapist to go free. There were witnesses to the crime, were there not? But even here in USA, if victim does not get examined right after the rape, valuable information gets lost and rapist
Daughters of the nation —by Mashal Sahir: In Pakistan, the most horrendous abuse of women is rape. According to statistics, 928 women were raped in Pakistan in 2009. However, most cases are never reported due to the humiliation attached to the victim and also because our
My name is Samawia, I was born into the wrong family, in the wrong place: Introduction This is my picture. Do you remember me? My name is Samawia. I am two-and-a-half-year-old. Do you recognize this name? Samawia (or Samavia) is an Arabic name which means ‘from heaven’. I was born in Tajpura. Do you
Kashmir Bleeds, Does Anyone Heed?- by Hafsa Khawaja: Befittingly termed once as ‘Heaven on Earth’, with millions martyred since the past 6 decades, thousands of half-widows, orphans and missing – Kashmir today is a Palestine-in-the-making of Asia. As the Kashmir intifada continues, anyone keeping a keen eye on
No respite – by Kamran Shafi: Source :Dawn I write this at the start of the week during which the Supreme Court starts hearings on the 18th Amendment and the NRO non-compliance case (both hearings have been adjourned). But, just last week, two earthshaking happenings rocked
This is what “Men at Their Best” do the best!: Arrested woman alleges being raped by Rangers * Uzma was caught carrying liquor at a picket near the Pak-India border * Medical examiner refusing to disclose whether Uzma was raped or not * Rangers SP claims woman was in