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Kharotabad: A Taliban safe haven in Quetta: People in Kharotabad are living in constant fear of possible drone attacks in their neighbourhood, considering that over the past six months, the Afghan and local Taliban seemed to covet this part of Quetta as a veritable ‘vacation spot’.
Of False Prophets and their recipe for Disaster (Part I) – by Rusty Walker:    Even a basic understanding of the Jinnah Institute (JI) report and the related testimony to Congress by Moeed Yusuf of the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) should make certain things very obvious to Pakistanis, Americans and the global
Liberal façade of strategic depth — I —Farhat Taj:   At least three of the ‘elite’ who contributed to the controversial report, ‘Pakistan, the United States and the End Game in Afghanistan: Perceptions of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Elite’, by Jinnah Institute (JI) and the United States Institute of
‘Good Taliban, bad Taliban’: the ISI’s perspective: By Hakim Hazik There are two kinds of Taliban. The good ones live in Quetta. They are cuddly and roly-poly. They have generous and reassuring paunches, symbolic of the glory of Islam. They sit on hand woven carpets with