Plagiarism Archive

Shaheen Sehbai’s Plagiarism‏ -by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali: There is no doubt that Pakistan has been persistently passing through very delicate times (Intehahi Nazuk daur). However we are very lucky to have such vibrant and virtuous media. Its anchors have made sure the smooth sailing of the
Memogate, plagiarism and ghost writers – by Murtaza Haider: While we may never know who indeed authored the ever so memorable memo, which has cost former ambassador Husain Haqqani his day job, we do know that President Asif Zardari has been a prolific writer who has contributed several op-ed
Rampant Plagiarism: Here is something from my timeline: “@saeedshah Sana Bucha’s column also lifted the headline and the “sulk” theme from my Economist piece” Its just highlights disappointing and unfortunate standard of our media that a renowned anchor would plagiarise this blatantly in a national