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An agenda for Pakhtuns in Pakistan – by Baryal Utmanzai: Pakhtun Leadership (both politicians and civil society) should stand with any one who helps them achieve for Pakhtunkhwa a complete and unadulterated regional autonomy. Without such an autonomy, Pakhtuns are doomed to social, cultural and economic slavery. Centralized State
The Hindi-Urdu question – by Dr Syed Mohammed Anwer: A language always has a place of birth, a nation to speak and no religion, but the Indian Subcontinent is perhaps the only exception where language has a religion too. Not only the language but its nomenclature, the script
Fallacies of nationalism and the 18th amendment — by Dr Manzur Ejaz: For a large section of the establishment, religious identity was the only one compatible with Pakistan, thus seeking national identities was automatically unpatriotic The passage of the 18th Amendment, specifically, the naming of the NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is a
The debate of national language: Famous Sindhi writer and Urdu columnist Amar Jaleel who recently appeared on Wussatullah’s show on Dawn News Urdu Service started a debate by saying that Jinnah was dragged or cornered into making the following speech, and somehow told Bengalis
Urdu ka janazah hay zara dhoom se nikle – by Mosharraf Zaidi: Urdu kay aakhree lamhay Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Mosharraf Zaidi The glorious tales of wit, spirituality and love from Urdu’s golden age are sometimes so heavily infused with South Asian Latin (better known as Persian) that my generation of