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  • Ahsan Iqbal, gangster from Narowal? Is this the level of PML-N’s leadership?

    Cross-posted from LUBP old web-site Ahsan Iqbal: Background Information From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ahsan Iqbal (born September 28, 1958 in Lahore) is a Pakistani politician and the former Federal Minister for Education. He is also the information secretary of the center-right party PML-N, of which he is a senior member. He was elected as […]

  • Another Stabbing of Christians by PML(N) – by Junaid Qaiser

    Mubashir Lucman has exposed the atrocity against Christian as their graveyard has been taken over by Ahsan Iqbal of PML (N), not allowing Christians even to be buried in Pakistan any longer. last year Gojra “Punjab” witness one of worst inter communal riots . local christian community clearly nominated PML_N Toba Tek Singh city President […]