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Who will ask the negotiators and designers of NRO?: ہمارے ہاں قانون کی حکمرانی، کرپشن کے خاتمہ، اور جمہوریت کی مضبوطی کے لیۓ جب بھی احتساب کا عمل شروع کیا جاتا ہے، تو اس کا دائرہ پیپیلز پارٹی تک محدود رہتا ہے۔ اور عموما” فوجی ڈکٹیٹر اور ان
My comments to Azizi (Hasb e Hal) @ Dunya TV after Mushrraf’s telethon -by Faheem Aamer: My dear friends at screen, I appreciate your concern for three so called political parties’ hypocrisy. Yet I would like to draw your attention towards a fact that its not the hypocrisy of one political party or three political
Saleem Safi’s about-face – no one should be surprised: In the past, LUBP has posted several articles by Saleem Safi in which he exposed the hypocritical nature of many Pakistanis’ support for Jihad – i.e. that Jihad was good when it was fought in Afghanistan but not good