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Target killing of Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister and niece – by Mureed Bizenjo: Baloch Resident Party’s president and one of the most loved Baloch Leader Brahamdagh bugti’s sister and niece along with their driver gunned down at Gizri Bridge, Karachi early Tuesday. Zamu Domki, her daughter Jana Domki and driver Barkat Baloch,
Balochistan: Hope or no hope? – by Mureed Bizenjo: The long-standing issue of strategically important and resource rich Balochistan requires more attention than it has received ever since Pakistan’s inception. Balochistan being country’s largest but most unprivileged region has witnessed a lot of contrite crimes against its dismantled
A critical comment on Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 – by Mureed Bizenjo: Related posts: Social Media Summit in Karachi which never was! Aisha Aijaz and Saad Khan’s My Bit for Ahmadi Phobia I had registered myself as a guest, not as a nominee, in the Pakistan Blog Awards (PBA), obviously not
Journalism and the plight of Baloch – by Mureed Bizenjo: Source: Pakistan Blogzine Not a single day passes without abduction, torture, arrests and enforced disappearances of the Baloch people in the largest but the most underprivileged province of Balochistan by the state-run institutions, military and Para-military forces.  Journalists in Balochistan are