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Benazir Model Village – Sinawan – Splendid execution: The government of Pakistan Peoples Party, always living under the shadow of swords hanging over it, has fulfilled a promise it made in the aftermath of the devastating floods of 2010. It has with the necessary support and assistance
Class, Caste and Marla Housing Scheme in Rural Punjab – by HB Mallah:   The summarized version of this research report is published in the Social Science and Policy Bulletin LUMS Winter 2011. This research project was to examine national policy discussion on poverty and social policy in Pakistan. This study has
Low-cost housing: a viable option? by Ali Wahab: Source: Express Tribune Shelters of millions were wiped out in the devastating floods of 2010. With the numbers still coming in, it has been estimated that more than 0.7 million homes have been destroyed across Pakistan till now. In
Pakistan’s low-cost housing needs — by Syed Mohammad Ali: In big metropolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore, housing projects often get started with little idea of urban planning to link them with roads and the required infrastructure. Unless these processes begin to take place simultaneously, new housing developments