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Pakistan’s lord and his flies: On SCP’s contempt notices to Taj Haider and Sharjeel Memon: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Justice Deedar Shah Contempt Notices But Only Against PPP-P and People of Sindh – by Abbas Bhutto Shameless arrogance of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry et al By Omar Khattab in Islamabad God hurled Iblis/Lucifer
Conspirators in the judiciary – by R.A. Toori: Conspiracies, hate-mongering, cynicism, criticism, scepticism and sycophancy are the hallmarks of Pakistan’s politics. In fact Pakistan’s political history is replete with palace intrigues and conspiracies. From the founder of Pakistan Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to President Asif Ali Zardari,
PML-N Wins again – in court only! by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: What a great day for the real revolutionaries of Pakistan. Chaudhry Nisar’s petition against the appointment of Justice Deedar Shah was accepted and the Supreme Court ruling the appointment as illegal. The bench that delivered the victory for Chaudhry
Supreme Court subverts the Constitution. Again! – by Saad Mansoor: While the nation mourns the systematic murder of its minorities, there is another murder taking place in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. A four member bench of Supreme Court has ruled that the Parliamentary Committee’s rejection of six additional
Corruption of Chairman NAB Justice Deedar Shah: انسانوں کو ناانصافی کے ترازو پر نہ تولا جائے……عرض حال…نذیر لغاری لگ بھگ 13سال پرانی بات ہے۔ میں گلشن حدید میں ایک دوست کے ساتھ موجود تھا، مجھے اطلاع ملی کہ الفلاح تھانے کی حدود میں ڈی ایس پی
Chairman NAB’s Appointment – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Shahbaz Sharif has come out of his skin by expressing his feelings about chairman NAB Justice Deedar Shah – by Ali Raja: Here is a news items from today’s Dawn: Shahbaz warns of long march on NAB chief appointment LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday warned the federal government of a long march against the latter’s “obstinate behaviour” regarding
PML-N’s objection on NAB Chairman Deedar Shah – by Rauf Klasra: Research by: Aamir Mughal According to daily The News International (October 09, 2010): Nisar terms Deedar’s appointment ‘inappropriate’ ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in his written correspondence with the Prime Minister termed the