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Terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba on the loose in Karachi: …. Update 12 June 2010: Shia and Barelvi leaders in Karachi point towards the Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists for sectarian terrorism in Karachi: Shia cleric Allama Abbas Komaili, heading the Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan rally at Kharadar, condemned the attacks and said
100 Ahmadi lives vs 10 Muslim lives – by Dr Khawaja Muhammad Awais Khalil: I am not surprised on the reaction which our semi-literate urban middle class and their religo-political representatives have shown on the sad incident of Israeli attack on the Turkish Flotilla. Somehow I was expecting that reaction because it suits
Shia Taliban of ISO: “You mourn Gaza but lack moral courage to protest against Ahmadi massacre in Lahore.”: Police use water cannons to disperse protesters of the ISO as they try to reach the US consulate in Karachi during a demonstration against Israel. Source People in Karachi and Lahore yesterday witnessed noisy rallies by the Imamia Students