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کامیابی کا نیا باب، نیا پاکستان – خرم زکی: دل آج کل دل بہت سرشاری کی کیفیت میں ہے، بہت انوکھا سا احساس ہے، نئی جوان اُمنگوں نے ایک نئی راہ دکھا دی ہے، جہاں کھلی کھلی روشن راہوں اور امیدوں نے آنکھوں کو سہانے خواب سجانے پر
Jean-Paul Sartre: The Man who Spurned the Nobel Prize for Literature – by AZ: While thinking of how most Pakistanis grudge Malala’s Nobel Prize for Peace, which she by no means got undeservedly, my mind wandered to a man who turned down a Nobel Prize. On October 22 1964 Jean-Paul Sartre declined the
A quick critique on BBC Urdu’s quality and reliability: Source: The following post offers a summary of an important conversation that took place on Twitter on the quality and reliability of news reports and analyses published on BBC Urdu (radio and web site). Key critics: Dr Ayesha
Questions to Dr. Farrukh Saleem – “Welfare State”: Dr. Farrukh Saleem has elucidated some very crucial points that he found out about while on a flight back from Canada to Pakistan. His discussion with a former resident of Mardan and now a permanent resident of Mississauga in
The Best Revenge – by Erum Haider: Cross-posted from her blog I just returned from watching “Bhutto” at the National Geographic in Washington DC. It takes me back to that moment, when I was getting my hair blow dried in the TV studios on my way
Pseudo-intellectuals should run the state of Pakistan – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: From the time I can remember as a child, I have heard the following from our pseudo intellectuals: “Mulk mayn inqilab aaye ga”, “Saray Siaasatdan chore hotay hayn”, “Pakistan mayn kuch acha nahee hay”, “Humayn Pakistan nay kya diya