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Asghar Khan, How much can you hate ZAB? – by Amna Piracha: Surrounded only by evil and deception, puny men with high sounding titles and ill begotten wealth, small and craven minds, devoid of class or culture like scum floating on a cess pool, I seem to have recoiled into an
Misuse of Pakistan’s PhD Grants in US and Canada: Editor’s Note: We thank the author, a US national, of this article for providing us this valuable information. Pakistan’s government seems to be unaware of how its taxpayer’s money is being abused in foreign land. Grants worth millions intended
Journalists enjoying residences in Islamabad: Matiullah Jan of Dawn News has a few weeks ago started his new program called “Apna Gareban” that looks to question many journalistic actions of his community. He has done important programs in the last few weeks including the
Prospects of Democracy in Pakistan – by Naveed Ali: It is strange how the word ‘revolution’ is used by everyone interested in politics or involved in politics, no matter what their ideological inclination is. Everyone simply wants a revolution; perhaps what they mean by revolution is their own
Yet Another Corruption Perception Index – Transparency International’s mindless logic: A press conference is going to take place today in which the high and mighty, Syed Adil Gilani, Chairman of Transparency International Pakistan is going to thunder that “Pakistan  2010 Corruption Perceptions Index  Score  is   2.3 against 2.4 in
Fatima Bhutto: please focus on fiction- by Nasima Zehra Awan: Pakistan may have lost a talented fiction writer when Fatima Bhutto went into journalism. Clearly, she is adept at spinning a tale, fudging facts and re-defining reality in a manner that is the exclusive domain of talented story tellers.
Pseudo-intellectuals should run the state of Pakistan – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: From the time I can remember as a child, I have heard the following from our pseudo intellectuals: “Mulk mayn inqilab aaye ga”, “Saray Siaasatdan chore hotay hayn”, “Pakistan mayn kuch acha nahee hay”, “Humayn Pakistan nay kya diya
Pseudo-Intellectualism at its best – Ahmed Quraishi!: What do people like Ahmed Quraishi want to achieve by writing mindless articles that only show the shallowness of their intellect? His piece that appears in our very favorite, The News on July 5, 2010 starts from the theme