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فخر ایشیا وزیر اعظم نواز شریف اور با صلاحیت وزیر خزانہ اسحاق ڈار کو سلام: پاکستان منہگائی میں ایشیا میں پہلے نمبر پر آ گیا:
Pak economy heading towards hyperinflation – by Shaukat Masood Zafar: A hyperinflation is mainly caused when there is excessive, drastic growth in the supply of paper money. As the destruction of currency reaches its peak, hyperinflation happens. In Pakistan monetary and fiscal authorities are regularly issuing large quantities of
A critical perspective on recent hike in fuel prices – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: OGRA announced an increase in petroleum products on 31st October. The  increase is for sure going to fuel inflation, something which the whole nation has to endure, however, it is important to realize that why petroleum prices are to
Countering inflation by monitoring input prices – by Ali Wahab: Source: Express Tribune, August 16, 2010 Countering inflation by monitoring input prices By Ali Wahab  KARACHI: There is no place like home to spend Ramazan and Eid. While visiting Karachi in 2007 and driving through Mohammad Ali Society, my
A promising economic outlook for Pakistan – by Anas Muhammad: As the government gets ready to present its third annual budget (2010-2011), reports and estimates for the next fiscal year is the talk of the day for economists and politicians in Pakistan. Besides all the buzz created by media commentary and
We have done well, so far – by Meekal A. Ahmed: Source Express Tribune The ongoing stabilisation phase of economic adjustment has gone well but as always there are nuances and reservations. The economy’s twin-deficits are better contained although there appear to have been some slippages on the fiscal side
An analysis of price hike in Pakistan – by Dr Farrukh Saleem: Capital suggestion: Price hike Just before Election 2008, the average retail price of Dal Masoor (pulse) was Rs64 per kilogram. Dal Masoor now sells for Rs129 per kilogram; that’s up a whopping 101 per cent. In 2007-2008, the average