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Changing times: Ijtihad and other questions Muslims must revisit: Is suicide bombing justified? Can women lead prayers? Is there a feminist interpretation of Islam? These are some of the questions Muslims living in the West often face. They attempt to answer these questions as best as they can.
From the worst poster boys for Islam to a reformist view of Islam – by Nadeem Paracha: The worst poster boys for Islam Source: Dawn I received a number of emails on my last blog, Reform Now. Most of the people who wrote to me asked whether I could comment more on the list of reforms
From jihad to ijtihad – by Asghar Ali Engineer: ‘JIHAD’, with its imbued wrong meaning, became a notorious word in the West after 9/11. Terror now has an overwhelming presence in parts of the Muslim world, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Violence there seems at times to be