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The blocks on minority Web sites bode poorly for the basic right to free speech in Pakistan – by Huma Yusuf: Adapted and edited from NYT blogs Silencing Pakistan’s Minorities KARACHI — One of this city’s main roads remained closed for more than three hours last  Tuesday as buses smoldered, teargas canisters exploded and four people were wounded in clashes between
Media Review: DAWN’s insensitive portrayal of Shia killings: Related post: Is Shia genocide in Pakistan an outcome of Saudi-Iran proxy war? DAWN’s continual slide is best encapsulated in some of the editorial and opinion pieces today.  For instance, Huma Yusuf’s “Sectarian Scourge” is a typical example of
Nawaz Sharif’s stance on Ahmadis and the culture of bigotry – by Huma Yusuf: What kind of sick democracy do we live in, where the declaration of equality of all citizens of the state can be deemed unconstitutional? This twisted logic was deployed by the JUI-F in its criticism of Nawaz Sharif’s comments
Trial of terror suspects? – by Huma Yusuf: Ajmal Kasab’s conviction and sentencing to death came as no surprise. The Pakistani Foreign Office mumbled a muted response, promising to study the judgment in detail. Indians meanwhile celebrated the conviction as a sign of the vitality of their