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Swat: Taliban hit-list and two-finger sign: If international humiliation and domestic depression is what the Taliban wanted, they have found the device with which to do it in Swat. They have released a list of 43 people whom they have declared “wanted” and liable to
Swat: The Taliban hit list: Taliban commander summons dignitaries in its ‘court’: The taliban hit-list 1 – Ex-federal minister Afzal Khan (ANP) 2 – NWFP Minister Ayub Ashari (ANP) 3 – Tahir Ashari, brother of Ayub Ashari
Taliban in Swat preparing a hit list of 120 persons:
Taliban Hit List: Who are Taliban’s enemies and friends in Pakistan?: Taliban Hit List: A Where’s Waldo? Pakistani Style An interesting hit list has emerged from the Taliban in Pakistan. From Syed Saleem Shahzad in the Asia Times, see if you can guess who is missing from the list. The