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Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserve hits $16.9 billion: Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserve climbs to record $16.99 billion in the week ending on October 1st, up from $16.79 billion held previous week, the State Bank of Pakistan announced on Thursday. State Bank spokesman Wasimuddin told the media, “the
Tough economic decisions: I have great respect for Dr. Ishrat Husain for his focused work as Governor State Bank for a good 6 years. His continuity in the position and steadfastness of policy not only turned State Bank into a credible organization
2nd Instalment Of Truth – NRO Actually! – by Marvi Sirmed: Selection by: Jarri Mirza Article written by: Marvi Sirmed This is in continuation of my earlier post on NRO, posted on November 7, 2009, which can be seen at We were trying to learn about this Ordinance clause