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سرکاری نوکریوں کے فارم میں فرقہ کا خانہ ختم کیا جائے:   اوپر دی گئی تصویر کو زرا غور سے دیکھ لیں-یہ وزرات دفاع اور اس کے ماتحت اداروں میں کسی بھی نوکری کے لیے پر کیا جانے والے فارم کی تصویر ہے اس میں ایک خانے کو نشان زد
راولپنڈی-مسجد و مدرسہ کی تعمیر نو کی آڑ میں متروکہ املاک ٹرسٹ بورڈ کی مزید جائے داد پر قبضہ کرنے کی کوشش: راولپنڈی -دیوبندی تکفیری مولوی اشرف علی جو کہ مولوی علام اللہ خان کا بیٹا ہے اور متروکہ املاک ٹرسٹ بورڈ کی مندر کی ملحقہ زمین پر بنے مدرسہ جامعہ تعلیم القران اور مسجد ،مدینہ مارکیٹ و عمر پلازہ کی
Gilgit-Baltistan: Fact File – by Dr. Zaeem Zia: What a misery it is to see, we always beat the drums and propagate tyranny of Indian forces for what’s happening in Kashmir and Israel in Palestine. We claim to be the champs and the sign of peace and disassociate ourselves from our own bloodshed on our soil. We pass
Do you have a media policy, PPP? – by Sikandar Mehdi: Related article: PPP’s Media Policy and the Code of Conduct – by Ahmad Khan Lodhi In last couple of months, PPP has wasted many opportunities to bury Media and PML-N in the same grave. The blunders committed by the
Youth should now lead Pakistan – by Shaukat Masood Zafar: Our Youth has a lot of energy, high hopes, great ideals and real potential to achieve almost everything in life.  In spite of having talent, skills and intelligence in this wonderful young generation, a born genius, it is very
Pakistan sinking in a sea of debt – by Shaukat Masood Zafar: During the previous couple of years, Pakistan’s economy is constantly falling into the debt trap, consisting of both domestic and foreign loans, causing financial hardship, joblessness, decrease in personal income and high cost of living for a common man,
VIEW: Of conspiracy theories and recipes —Imtiaz Alam: What the executive is not doing may make no big difference, what the judiciary is doing may be self-defeating, what the military establishment is doing may be absolutely untenable, what the bureaucracy is doing may not produce any semblance
Floods’ management: A perfect script for a black comedy: Raza Rumi As I write these lines, millions are stranded and vulnerable to disease in the wake of perhaps the greatest natural disaster of recent times. Communities in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are stranded, Sindh is facing the wrath of gods and
Safe return of Pakistanis from Kyrgyzstan: There is this usual foul cry that the government doesn’t care for Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis are always crying that there are no facilities accorded to them by Pakistan government. Well our peoples government has ensured the safety of
We have too many governments in Pakistan – By Naseer Ahmed: We have too many governments in Pakistan. We have governments elected by people, i.e., central, provincial and local governments. We have self-designated governments like ISI (military), judiciary, media, extremists and feudal-industrial complex. The self-designated governments have four purposes. 1.