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Jalaluddin Haqqani with US President Reagan???: A fake picture purporting to show Jalaluddin Haqqani with US President Reagan in several Pakistani dailies recently was issued by Online news agency of Mohsin Baig. Online, along with several other media agencies and outlets, serves as a convenient
Priest wanted for BBB – by Junaid Noor:   The government of Pakistan is desperately looking for a Christian priest to perform the funeral rites of the slain minorities minister, the late Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti. The government has requested several bishops, cardinals, fathers and even the pope,
Farewell to George Fulton: Is Pakistan a livable country? That is the question in the minds of many Pakistanis. Most of whom had no choice in deciding to be a Pakistani citizen. Whereas George Fulton – who we all recognize from “George ka Pakistan” –
Purveyors of fiction – by George Fulton: For those who don’t know Ahmad Quraishi, according to his website — — he is “a public policy writer, commentator and broadcaster”. In reality, he is widely known to be a crude propagandist for the army/intelligence nexus. At
The denial of the lambs – by Anas Abbas: Cross Post : Accounterterror blog By Anas Abbas This Essay is in response to an article “The liberal lynch mob” written by Mahreen Aziz Khan published recently in The Express Tribune. It will not only focus on this article itself