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A Pakistani renaissance -By Mian Raza Rabbani: The 1973 Constitution given by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was democratic, federal and parliamentary. It had a vision of Federalism in terms of fiscal devolution, ownership of resources, participation in policy formation and collective decision making. This was a
Call for the senate reforms in Pakistan: All federations agree that federal system should be comprised of two houses of parliament; National Assembly, based on population; one citizen one vote, and other is the Senate based on territories of the states. The bicameral legislature is of
Scope of constitutional provisions and space for provincial autonomy: The Civic Education Network Pakistan organized a learning event; Constitutional Literacy Campaign, “Scope of Constitutional Provisions and Space for Provincial Autonomy” in Lahore on July 31, 2011. The 18th Amendment and the 7th National Finance Commission(NFC) Award have signficantly
An Article 370 for Balochistan — by Riaz Shahid: I propose an Article 370 type provision in the constitution of Pakistan to satisfy the Baloch. There should be a bar on people from other provinces on voting or buying property in Balochistan for a period of at least
MQM’s form of political protest is unjustified.: The fact remains that it is the right of the provincial government to decide what the local government system is in any province. It’s unfortunate that the local government system preferred by many PPP leaders would not be as