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The one person who can save Aasia Bibi – by Fasi Zaka: Dr Zakir Naik is an extremely popular TV evangelist, much like the late Ahmed Deedat. Their specialty (other than Islamic sermons) has been comparative religion debates with experts and religious leaders of other faiths. But Dr Zakir Naik shares
Government must act to address perceived corruption – by Fasi Zaka: No proof of perceived corruption Consistent suo motu actions by the judiciary, Transparency International’s (TI) raising of Pakistan’s rank as a corrupt country and the media howling fiduciary murder every few days is rattling the PPP. The prime minister recently
The PPP CEC comedy – by Fasi Zaka: From The News Archives, April 08, 2010 One of the staples of comedy is the relationship of someone in power with a sycophant. “Yes Minister” on the BBC, “Guest House” on PTV and numerous others did a good job
Geo TV’s Aafia Mafia – by Fasi Zaka: TV journalism’s Aafia mafia Dr Aafia has been hijacked, and not just by the Americans, who had her flown to the US and gave her a dubiously excessive punishment for attempted murder, but by the Pakistani media itself. Just recently Meher
The denial of the lambs – by Anas Abbas: Cross Post : Accounterterror blog By Anas Abbas This Essay is in response to an article “The liberal lynch mob” written by Mahreen Aziz Khan published recently in The Express Tribune. It will not only focus on this article itself
I never really cared for Ahmadis – by Fasi Zaka: I have never really been vocal about rights for Ahmadis, even privately, but my compassion trigger is easily pulled if there are atrocities against Pakistani Hindus and Christians. Part of this can be ascribed to my belief in the
Mullahs vs Zaid Hamid: The hypocrisy of juggernaut vs juggernaut – by Fasi Zaka: Zaid Hamid once looked like an unstoppable juggernaut. It didn’t matter that much of what he said was inaccurate, or that he posed every problem in the context of himself being the only saviour. Self-serving arguments were lapped up
Nawaz’s crowning glory – Fasi Zaka: Nawaz Sharif has finally achieved what no one has been able to do in politics for the past two years, which is to make Asif Ali Zardari’s PPP look good by comparison. He inadvertently whitewashed them when he decided
Zaid Hamid’s Hate Speech – by Fasi Zaka: PART ONE Source: The News, September 18, 2008 This August 14 I was bored out of my mind late at night, and started scanning TV channels for fodder to feed my idleness. I came across a programme where a
Forget Gaza, care about Swat: Thursday, February 12, 2009 By by Fasi Zaka I think it would be absolutely inhuman not to care about the massacre in Gaza, the flagrant violation and cruelty demonstrated by the Israelis. But after talking to an old friend