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On being Pakistani -by Morial Shah: With 14th of August around the corner, festive fever is on the rise. Civic organizations, student groups, and social, electronic and print media are joining the swelling ranks of celebratory brigades. And that’s where some of the problems with
Affirming diversity: The only way forward to unity – by Suleman Akhtar: E pluribus unum !
MQM: Ethnicity and Politics of Violence- by Raza Habib Raja: At the onset I would like to acknowledge that I have very mixed feelings about MQM. At one hand, I like its relatively secular approach and its demonstrated commitment to denounce hardliners when everyone else was actually going for
A Reply to Zia’s Ideological Son: By Ahsan Abbas Shah: Here is an article in a reply of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif’s statement against Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik.
Forecast of an imminent unrest – by Nadeem Khan: There is a real civil unrest on the horizon. We can verify the timings, immediately after the passing of 18th amendment. When the celebrations were about to take the second turn, instead we saw rallies and protests on power
State and ethnic conflict in Pakistan – by Dr Rubina Saigol: State and ethnic conflict Monday, September 28, 2009 Dr Rubina SaigolThe writer is an independent researcher specialising in social development In a highly centralised and authoritarian state, the rights of the federating units tend to be undermined. The issue