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Allama Iqbal, a genuine poet or preacher? – by Muhammad Asghar Butt: Allama Iqbal is neither a genuine poet nor a genuine philosopher but a genuine preacher of the Muslim World. Definition of a poet: A writer of poems. Definition of a poem: “A piece of creative writing in verse, esp
General Zia-ul-Haq’s (balack) laws are not Allah’s laws – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid:
Why Muslims reject modernity- by Khaled Ahmed: Today, nothing negates modernity more than jihad. It undermines the nation-state, and destroys the state that organises it. The scattering of the Pakistani state is owed to it. It is often said that Muslims in the 21st century have
Authentic, readable biography of Iqbal needed: By Rauf Parekh Monday, 09 Nov, 2009 (Dawn) COMMENTING on the genre of biography, Oscar Wilde said: ‘Formerly we used to canonise our heroes. The modern method is to vulgarise them. Cheap editions of great books may be delightful,
Iqbal’s and Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan – Dr Javid Iqbal: Shame on Dr. Israr Ahmed and Dr. Safdar Mehmood for distorting the vision of Jinnah and Iqbal.
Dr Javid Iqbal’s Vision of Pakistan: Nawai-Waqt – 13 September 2008