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Unchallenged Hatred: Neither Hindu nor Muslim Sacrificing pride, let us sit together. Neither Sunni nor Shia, Let us walk the road of peace! (Bulleh Shah) But things don’t look like so among us proud Pakistanis.  We see God as the one
Fundamentalism is killing religious diversity and cultural pluralism: کسی بھی ملک کی آزادیٴ ترقیٴ خوشحالی اور استحکام کا اندازہ اس امر سے لگایا جاسکتا ہے کہ اس میں بسنے والی اقلیتیں کتنی مطمئن اور خوشحال ہیں۔ علاوہ ازیں ان کو کس حد تک قومی دھارے اور معاشرے
LUBP wishes its readers a Happy Diwali: LUBP wishes its readers a Happy Diwali, a festival which marks the triumph of good over evil, colorful rangolis and firecrackers. This is a festive time for many Pakistani Hindus and all those who celebrate open-heartedness, mirth and joy! 
God is not a Christian: The following is excerpted from the Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s new book, ‘God Is Not A Christian: And Other Provocations.’ This talk also comes from a forum in Britain, where Tutu addressed leaders of different faiths during a mission to
Holi festival in Pakistan: Good vs Evil – by Samia Saleem: Related articles: Holi festival and Pakistani Hindus LUBP Archive on Hindus Holi day: Good vs evil, not white vs colour KARACHI: Draped in white with an unlimited supply of coloured water and powder and glasses of bhang – you
Affirming diversity: The only way forward to unity – by Suleman Akhtar: E pluribus unum !
Fearing diversity – by Nadeem F Paracha: Related articles: Sindhi Topi, Indus Valley Civilisation and Our Fast Track Intellectuals – by Qais Anwar LUBP Archive on ‘Sindhi Topi Day’ December 4 is Sindh Culture Day. A day when the people of the Sindh will celebrate the
Fareeda, turya turya ja: In support of internal diversity of Islam: I am writing this brief post in defiance of all those Shias, Sunnis, Salafis, Doebandis, Barelvis, Ismaelis, Hanafis, Jafaris, Malikis, Shafeis, Hambalis etc who consider their beliefs and practices as the only true representation of Islam considering followers of
Why Pakistan is not a nation and how could it become one – by Pervez Hoodbhoy: Illustrations by Saira Wasim Source: Himal South Asian, June 2010 Pakistan has been a state since 1947, but is still not a nation. More precisely, Pakistan is the name of a land and a people inside a certain geographical
Paradox republic – by Nadeem Paracha: Pakistan has been in the news for quite some time now. A country that (until about the early 1980s) was little known and usually mistaken for being a province of India in Europe and the United States, has rapidly
Diversity and tolerance in Pakistani society: Room for optimism – by Mohsin Hamid and Munno Bhai: Room for optimism By Mohsin Hamid EVER since returning to live in Pakistan a few months ago, I’ve been struck by the pervasive negativity of views here about our country. Whether in conversation, on television, or in the newspaper,
Balochistan: Pakistan’s broken mirror – by Madiha Tahir: Source: The National – via Raza Rumi Baloch children hold up nationalist posters. Photographs by Asim Hafeez for The National Islamabad’s brutal attempts to crush ethnic Baloch nationalism have met with fierce, escalating resistance – and have laid bare the
Faith in democracy: A review of political parties of Pakistan – by Nadeem Paracha: An apt analysis by NFP of the political parties in Pakistan and their attributes and religious tendencies: Islam holds an important place in the workings of society and thus politics of Pakistan, a fact even some of the most
Holi festival and Pakistani Hindus: Picture Source: BBC Urdu Pakistani Hindus to miss Holi celebrations February 23, 2010, Islamabad: The few Pakistani Hindus, who have made the federal capital their home, will miss splashing colours at each other as they brace up for a
The real ‘National’ languages – by NAD Pukhtunyar: The Pukhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, while observing the following: 1 Pakistan is a state comprising five different ethnicities/nations; 2 The national, economic and cultural rights of all the nationalities are invoilable; 3 All institutions of the state such as