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The babu-feudal-general nexus backed by industrialists cripples Pakistan – by Farooq Ahmed Khan: Free speech in a society ensures that rights of all the citizens, especially the minorities, are cared for and everyone enjoys complete peace of mind. A successful state requires holding assurances to the public that all fundamental rights will
Mullahs and Development – by Mustafa Kamal: The mullahs are once again at odd with Civil Society Organizations and NGOs in Pakistan. Recently in Kohistan, the clergies have repeatedly threatened the NGOs to wrap up their activities or face dire consequences. Two theories are predominant in
Bilawal says ICAPP is an exceedingly important forum in the 21st century: NANNING (China) Sept 5 (APP):Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called upon political parties in Asian countries to enforce the highest standards of transparency and accountability in government and institutions to ensure that people remain invested in the
EU Council conclusions on Pakistan: Summary: 18 July 2011, Brussels – Council of the European Union 3106th FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting conclusions on Pakistan The Council adopted the following conclusions: 1. The EU reaffirms its commitment to building a strong long-term partnership with Pakistan,
Structural reasons for poverty — by Syed Mohammad Ali: Landlords exert immense influence over landless people who often do not even own the land on which their homes are built. This in turn enables them to ensure that, when elections are held, their landless dependents vote according to
A perspective on Benazir Income Support Programme — by Syed Mohammad Ali: The politics of poverty alleviation The programme seeks to provide direct assistance, specifically to women. Thus, besides empowering them economically, it encourages them to seek national identity cards as a precondition to obtain disbursals, which it considers crucial for
Development assistance: Impediment or facilitator? – by Junaid Qaiser: Individualland Pakistan, on 20 February, 2010 , organized a seminar on the issue of “Examining Development Assistance”. Representatives from civil society, media and education sector participated in the discussion. In her welcome remarks and context setting address, Individualland’s Director
Some confusions about economic progress – by Ali Arqam (Articles by Nimer Ahmad): معاشی موشگافیوں سے جڑی کچھہ کنفیوژنز پاکستان میں آج جب کہ بی بی سی کے ایک نامہ نگار کے بقول ہر کوئی 23روپے خرچ کرکے ایک انگریزی اور ایک اردو اخبار خرید کر دانشور بن سکتا ہے۔اس جملے میں