Cold War Archive

China, Russia flexing muscles: A New World Order, or Cold War? – by Shiraz Paracha: China and Russia are flexing their muscles in the wake of Western actions and policies in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Days after China issued a warning against the establishment of U.S. military bases in Australia; Russia has
British double standards–by Shiraz Paracha: Last week, hundreds of the BBC World Service employees gathered outside the Bush House in London to demonstrate against the detention of one of their colleagues, Urunboy Usmonov, in Tajikistan for his alleged links with an extremist militant group,
A Reponse to Cold War Thinking in Today’s Afghanistan: Pretext A former USAID director from 1950s Afghanistan insists that the Taliban were and are a good option for Afghanistan, and Afghans can’t govern themselves. My Response: Really? So it was a good thing to imprison women, conduct ethnic