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Understanding the Malala Affair – by Shiraz Paracha: A large number of Pakhtuns unconditionally and wholeheartedly support Malala Yousafzai. To them Malala is a symbol of Pakhtun pride and identity. Such people see Malala as a kindle of hope because they feel frustrated by the negative image
Who murdered Benazir Bhutto? – by Christina Lamb: Bhutto was transformed when reunited with her supporters (Paul Rogers/The Times) Benazir Bhutto was brought back to Pakistan from exile as part of an international deal. Then she was killed — and all traces of evidence were immediately swept
US threatens airstrikes in Pakistan: From The Sunday Times September 27, 2009 Christina Lamb in Washington The United States is threatening to launch airstrikes on Mullah Omar and the Taliban leadership in the Pakistani city of Quetta as frustration mounts about the ease with