Budget 2013 Archive

Consumer price index: Inflation rebounds to alarming levels – by Shahbaz Rana: The 8.3% inflation level surpassed the expectations of the Ministry of Finance and Planning Division, which was expecting inflation to level around 7.5% in July. CREATIVE COMMONS ISLAMABAD: After slipping to levels never seen in nine years, inflation rebounded in
Provincial budget, the public response and the implementation – by Tasbeeh Fayaz Ali: Twitter homepages witnessed an alluvion of Budget related tweets as soon as the provincial budgets fiscal year 2013-14 were announced on 17-06-2013 with more heedfulness amassed by the KPK budget which started trending on the social networking site minutes after it
Tragic Incidents and our Thoughts – by H.A.Khan:   Last 2 to 3 days went very sad and with all sorrows. The post budget reaction of some workers of the different departments and the increment of 10% in salaries didn’t gave much hope as the government had
Pakistan Continues to Perpetuate Inequalities in Education – by A Z: Pakistan’s education has been woefully underfunded by the state for decades and the new budget does little to change that. Higher Education is very important but how building a pyramid top down makes sense? This is what our new