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Mullah, the Talib and Pashtun society – by Asad Munir: Originally Posted at: The Friday Times Pashtuns are believed to be the largest segmentary lineage society in the world today. They have been living in their defined homeland areas since ages, in a social order loosely defined by the
Taliban: An anathema to Pashtun Nationalism – By Ali Arqam: Antonio Gramsci, an Italian (1891-1937) Marxist thinker, has defined the term hegemony as “the predominance of one social class over others (e.g. bourgeois hegemony). This represents not only political and economic control, but also the ability of the dominant
Citizens of Lahore name Shadman Chowk after Bhagat Singh – by Afnan Khan: LAHORE: A large number of citizens, including students from various educational institutions gathered, at Shadman Chowk on Tuesday to mark the 79th martyrdom anniversary of Bhagat Singh Shaheed, one of the pioneers of the struggle for an independent subcontinent.