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The Case of Cholistan’s Stolen Land – by Ayesha Siddiqa: Anyone passing through lower Cholistan, especially if they happen to be participating in the famous Cholistan jeep rally, will not fail to notice the prominent Lashkare Tayyaba (LeT) and Jamat-ud-Daawa (JuD) wall-chalkings. One of the slogans decries India for
Please stop pestering Dr Ayesha Siddiqa!: The LUBP team is quite worried to read the following status on Ayesha Siddiqa’s facebook account. We express our full support for Dr Siddiqa in this hour of trial, and urge the Government to take a stand. After Aasia
President Obama, please send one drone to the Jihadi / sectarian hub in South Punjab please!: Fears rise over militants in Punjab Tuesday, 06 Oct, 2009 (Dawn) Despite the ban, and repeated vows by