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President Zardari’s popularity ascends: Survey: Zardari emerges as the most popular personality: Survey ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has emerged as the most popular personality on the Pakistani political landscape as 51 percent of the people terming President Asif Ali Zardari as the most
The reality of IRI and other opinion surveys: Zardari popularity ascends after July: US survey Updated at: 0238 PST, Friday, October 02, 2009 WASHINGTON: According to a survey carried out by a US based independent company, the popularity graph of the leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz
Most Pakistanis want democracy: By Amin Ahmed Thursday, 17 Sep, 2009 About 62 per cent of Pakistanis feel it’s ‘very important’ to live in a democratic country.—Photo by AP RAWALPINDI: After decades of dictatorial rule in the country since independence, a majority of
Mapping the Madrasa Mindset: Political Attitudes of Pakistani Seminaries: Muhammad Amir Rana24-3-2009 Pakistani madaris are perceived as a catalyst factor promoting orthodox views. Many analystsview that their role in shaping the views of the masses and their students is a serious concern formany. Their affiliation with political, sectarian
Farhat Taj: A survey of Drone Attacks in Pakistan. What do the people of FATA think?: This site has moved to, click this link if you are not redirected
Foreign Polls and Surveys: Reality, Deception and Hidden Agenda: By: Afreen Baig Recently, it had become sort of a fashion, to give reference to Foreign Polls and Surveys while speculating on the future of Pakistan and the popularity levels of our leaders. Later it was Pakistan’s election process