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Identity Assassination of Shia Community in Pakistan – by Ali Salman Alvi: Related posts: Who will free Pakistan’s Shias from the Iranian-agenda scholars? MWM must not act as a Shia version of Difa-e-Pakistan Council A critical analysis of the MWM resolution at the Karachi Shia rally Raja Nasir Abbas of MWM
Pakistan and the plight of Shia Muslims -by Ali Salman: On August 11, 1947, Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave expression to his vision of Pakistan in an address to the Constituent Assembly. He spoke of an inclusive and impartial government, religious freedom, rule of law and equality for all. His
Non-Muslims’ homage to Imam Hussain ibn e Ali (a.s.) – by Ali Salman Alvi: . Karbala spreads a universal message of non-violent resistance and supreme sacrifice to the cause and in today’s climate of violence, extremism and tyranny; it is more pertinent than ever. For the very same reason prominent leaders, statesmen, scholars,