Karachi Airport attacks and Taftan crossing: : Facts Media is Hiding

Karachi Airport attacks and Taftan crossing: : Facts Media is Hiding

Double Suicide Attack on Shia Pilgrims near Taftan , Pakistan

Our strategic assets, the Deobandi militants under various names, have struck again, and with the usual high success figure. This time, they have succeeded in a way which is far greater and significant than most of the attacks in the recent past.

On 8 June they attacked Shia pilgrims who were spending a night in a hotel near the Iran-Pakistan border. This act of terrorism by another ASWJ-LeJ affiliated cell, has claimed 30 lives, injuring scores of others. These pilgrims were returning from Iran after visiting that are considered Holy to millions of Sunni Barelvi, Shia and Sufi muslims of Pakistan. Typically the media hardly gave this any coverage in line with their dishonest and insensitive tactics of denying Shia Genocide.

But the attacks on the Karachi Airport on the following day was of immense symbolic importance. Certainly, Deobandi militants would have destroyed the entire airport if they could. The consequences are far reaching. An analogy would be the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 which has taken international cricket away from Pakistan indefinitely.

Deobandi Madrassa Ashraf ul Madaris is the logical support center for Karachi Airport attacks

The media is hiding the fact that logistical support came form ASWJ LEJ TTP stonghold of Pehlwan Ghot. As in the case of Islamabad Dawn Joint Police Report: Deobandi Terrorists get material support from Deobandi Madrassas, the role of Ashraf ul Madaris in Pehlwan Ghot need to be thoroughly discussed and highlighted in the media. The right wing Pakistan media is continuing to spin apologies for Deobandi terror support centers or Madrassas despite the fact that the second Karachi airport attack came from Pehlwan Ghot as well. Social media is reporting a possible a third attack not reported on Pakistani media.

In order to give legitimacy to the Takfiri-Deobanids, the ISI in collusion with the PML N, media and the Judiciary, has promoted them as a political party in the name of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ). The ASWJ activists raise noise against the Shias for beig Kafir and at the same time their executors kill them posing as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. The media in complicity with the ISI portrays the ASWJ and the Lashkar as two separate entities. But it is all too familiar as to who is who. Semantics and spin aside, the Taliban, ASWJ, LeJ, JeM and all the dozens of new names that they come up with are all essentially an interconnected network supplied by ISI-backed Deobandi madrasses.
Instead of informing the public, wide sections of the media including Hamid Mir, Mubashar Luqman, Ansar Abbasi, Najam Sethi amongst others have provided uncontested media space to ASWJ-LeJ leaders.

The Taftan and the Karachi Airport attack amply prove that once again the state of Pakistan has to ensure the right to life or the right to religion for its citizens as guaranteed by the Pakistani Constitution.


Fake names invented but the core terror support is network is the Deobandi ASWJ Sipah Sahaba LEJ TTP Madrassas

Azam Tariq, a spokesperson for the Deobandi Fascist organization Jaish al Islam took responsibility for the attack. Azam Tariq stated that their mission was to restore the “Rightly Guided Caliphate” of 1400 years ago and they will continue to struggle for it.

Jaish Al Islam appears to be a fake name with no real proof of its existence. In the past such fabricated names like Jaish e Adal have also been used to take ownership of attacks on Iranian border guards. A simple analysis will easily show us that in fact there is only one real organization capable of carrying out such horrendous terror. This is the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) which previously operated as Sipah e Sahaba and was banned for its fascist rhetoric and incitement to murder of Shia Muslims. Malik Ishaq the self confessed murderer of dozens of prominent Shia Muslims is a long time senior office holder of this organization. He is actually the Vice President of the ASWJ.

The Baluchistan chapter of ASWJ has very thick ties with the Frontier Corps (FC). The ASWJ operates under the name of Lasker e Jhangvi (LEJ) in Baluchistan where its job is to neutralize secular Baloch nationalists. LeJ operates jointly with the FC. However, carrying out their own fascist Shia killing philosophy ultimately drives their fanatical foot soldiers. They proceed to kill Shia Muslims possibly as a reward for neutralizing the Baloch Nationalists. This is evidenced by the famous exchange between General Kayani and Malik Ishaq while Malik Ishaq was negotiating with his trusted friend Dr. Usman to back off from his attack on General Headquarters (GHQ) of the Pakistan Army.

Gall Malik Ishaq

Subcontracting National Security

Ever since that fateful negotiation Malik Ishaq has a get out of jail free card from Army. His evergreen supporters the PMLN, who supported him financially while he was in jail continue to back him. Recently the Chief Minister of Punjab is alleged to have donated 80 million in to ASWJ to grow support in Southern Punjab. Southern Punjab is very poor, the Sharif brother’s position here is very weak so they support the ASWJ madrassas here using monies from Salafist hardliners in the gulf.  This way the Sharifs  get their votes and the FC their steady stream of fascist for neutralizing Baloch or any other troubled part of Pakistan.

Recently this analysis appeared in the daily Dawn:

Allowing zones of permissible violence, every power wielder becomes a stakeholder in a shared moral order. The state retains the right to violence in the public sphere and others in the private sphere, where what constitutes the public and private ranges from conflict to conflict. These enclaves are not static. Frictions arise when one breaches the frontiers of the other. But the primary contradiction remains in their very existence



This leaves us with many unanswered questions about the professionalism and conduct of the Pakistan Army. Repeated half hearted operations to rid of the “bad Taliban”  leaves a bad taste.

Powerful neighbors unhappy: 

On his recent trip to China General Raheel Ashraf was asked to destroy the safe havens for the Turkamamist Uighur Salafist terrorists in the FATA region of Pakistan. These terrorist are responsible for kidnapping and killing Chinese workers in Pakistan as well as recent bombing in the Sinkiang province of China.

To this end the Pakistan Army wants to do an operation in Waziristan. The relationship between the ruling PMLN and ASWJ is so strong that they are trying their best to stop such an operation. ( see https://lubpak.com/archives/tag/pmln-support-to-aswj-lej-taliban-alqaeda-let). Delegations of tribal leaders are sent to the PMLN governor of the Khyber Paktunkhwa (KPK) province that foreign terrorist will be vacated form their area in the next fifteen days. This is heavily publicized in the news (see: https://lubpak.com/archives/314498) to put pressure on the Army to refrain from cleaning up Waziristan.  This begs the obvious questions: Why is PMLN supporting these terrorists? Why only remove foreign terrorists? What about the local terrorists that are attacking the Pakistani population?

On Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent visit to the inauguration of newly elected Prime Minister Modi, BJP’s senior leadership issued public statements that the real danger to India is the fascist Deobandi and Salafi proxies of ISI and Pakistan Army. However, the people of Pakistan pay the biggest cost for this patronage of fascism.

There is no way Pakistan can reduce or curb terrorism unless the support for the Deobandi Fascist group is withdrawn, thir use by military establishment stopped and hate mongering of any kind dealt with the strongest resolve. Short of that Pakistanis will be going back to the bullock cart instead of air planes for transportation. This is the goal of the fascists. For example, the Sharifs want to keep Southern Punjab poor and illiterate with a steady dose of Deobandi fascism so they get their political base. If these people we given education instead they would vote the Sharifs or their ilk out of office.

Do Foreigners interfere?

Most likely yes they do. We have allowed the mushroom growth of fascist Deobandi Madrassas that are easy picking for any foreign agency trying to achieve their objectives. Amir Mir’s article and several others attest to fascist Islamic brain washing being used against the national interest of Pakistan. The same strategic assets can be mislead (in the name of Islam) to fight the state, all that needs to be done is to buy out a Mullah in the chain of command.


Renowned Pakistan Scholar Challenges ISI apologist and correctly points out that unlike the ISI the CIA does not kill its own people.


Umar media

Ch Nisar Mauwiyah Tariq

 This is a picture of Pakistan’s current Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan’s friendly handshake with Muawiya Tariq, a high ranking leader of the banned ASWJ-LeJ.

aourang zaib and bahawalpur bar

Tafkiri Deobandis openly spreading the fascist hate doctrine with Saudi and Punjab Government funding.


The deep relationship between PMLN and their support for Deobandi fascist is has the support of the military establishment.

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