Another Quetta blast: More than a thousand Shia Hazara killed by deep state sponsored Takfiri Deobandis

#SHIAGENOCIDE Suicide blast in Ali Abad, Hazara Town, Quetta. Thirty-five dead already as the toll continues to rise. Many more injured.

In the last ten years more than one thousand Shia Hazaras have been killed and several times more forced to leave their livelihood and migrate to safer ground. The BBC reported:

This grave human tragedy continues to unfold while media obfuscates Shia Genocide by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists supported by the deep state.

All state organs seem to be involved in this; Malik Ishaq of Sipah Sahaba LEJ/ASWJ is freed by the Judiciary (Chief Justice of Pakistan) as he admits to killing Shia’s and promises to kill more.


While even the so called liberal media elite conspire to strengthen the terrorists, LUBP had warned of a new wave of Shia Genocide when Najam Sethi went out of his way to release a further group one hundred and twelve of Shia killing terrorists:

Sethi and Rumi’s minions in The Friday Times and elesewhere continue to humanize and support terrorists in creative ways:

While others in Fasidi urdu media like Ansar Abassi openly justify Shia Genocide:

When media and judiciary are complicit, there is no pressure on the any government to act. The Shia Genocide is expected to accelerate in Pakistan as the Saudi sponsored Nawaz Sharif government shows its colours. The support of PMLN is well documented by LUBP:

Despite recent attacks and their owner ship by Sipah Sahaba LEJ/ASWJ, no PMLN leader has condemned the killers by name. Thus protecting the killers.

Meanwhile the situation on the ground is so bad that there is there is no staff in hospitals to treat the critically wounded. The staff are probabally afraid that the state sponsored terrorist will attack the critically wounded in the hospital as they have done in the past, fearing for their own lives the hospital staff is not available; it is also reported that Sipah Sahaba ASWJ/LEJ called in threats:

Sample reaction on social media:


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