Army’s bogus operation in North Waziristan – by Laleen Ahmad


The Army spokesman has said, “We are launching operation Zarb-e-Azb to “eliminate these terrorists regardless of hue and colour, along with their sanctuaries” and laudatory voices have filled every space in Pakistan. The voices are noticeable for their monotony, but their sources are not. There are media men who have always cheered the Army even when it kills, as it has routinely done, kits own people and takes over prime-location properties anywhere in the country. And there are not-seeing-is-believing gullible of the Islamic republic. Yes, the ever hopeful, the ever silver-lining-in-the-cloud type are excited once again. Whether they will later be disabused of their gullibility or not is not an issue. The issue is that the Army, the true ruling elite of Pakistan, continues to make fool of the people of Pakistan. After spending years under General Kiyani on “good Taliban” and “our brothers,” the Army has now wants the people to believe that the hour of reckoning has finally arrived. The Army under the capable leadership of General Kiyani befooled people for six years. Now that the Taliban-are-good ploy has run out of steam, it is time to take a counter position and keep the nation busy speculating for a few years more. Needless to say, the morally corrupt political elite comprised of the likes of Imran Khan and the Sharif brothers continue to obfuscate the terrorism issue. The picture of socio-political misery of the Islamic republic is complete.

The Pakistani Army claims to have launched an anti-Taliban campaign “Zarb-e-Azb,” which is no more than an Orwellian construct like so many other constructs it has launched in the past. There are a few points one can make to expose the fraudulent campaign. First, the Army in its own words has not said a thing about the Taliban. It says that the operation has been launched to destroy the foreign terrorists. By this is meant Uzbek and Chechen terrorists living in North Waziristan, and not the Taliban. Second, let’s suppose the campaign is targeted at the Taliban too. The question is: How many Taliban are hiding in North Waziristan? How many high-level Taliban leaders are hiding in North Waziristan? Certainly, there are no data on it.


The most important question which is never asked by the partisan media and commentators: Where are the Taliban? When you vociferously harp on ‘action,’ do you think the Taliban will wait for the jets to come and bomb them? If the Army really wants to take on terrorism, it should attack the terrorism instead of bomb empty spaces and killing a few hundred ‘foreign’ terrorists. Taliban in their various garbs such as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat and a host of Deobandi outfits are not based in North Waziristan. They freely operate and kill Shias, Barelvis, Hindus, Ahmadis, and Christians all over Pakistan. They are based in the thousands of Deobandi seminaries which the Saudi money has established. Unless these seminaries are attacked and destroyed, the terrorists will continue to flourish under the patronage of the Army as they have till now.

Once again the Army has lied through its teeth. There is not going to be any action against the Deobandi terrorists. It is the Army which claims it is going to launch the anti-terrorist operation. It is the Army which will be giving ‘facts’ on the details of the operation. And it will be the Army which will continue to kill non-existent terrorists in empty spaces and celebrate ‘yet another’ victory over the terrorists. The judge, the jury, and the executioner all rolled into one, and you have the Pakistan Army and its pseudo-operations. The rest is in God’s hands who lives beyond the skies.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and Jamaat-i-Islami are up to their old tricks and trying to create a safe space for the mass murdering Deobandi Taliban Terrorists. Both parties have provided political cover to Deobandi Taliban and tried their best to use dirty tricks to protect their fellow Deobandis


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) complained of not being taken on board, the operation is selective and poorly planned:

Jamat e Islami played the smart political card of appealing to Taliban to disarm and join the JI in the political process.

While this operation has been on the cards for a long time why are they bringing up these issues?

When Pakistan Army was fighting Al Queda after 9/11,  street demonstrations by JUI and JI commenced against our armed forces. They disparaged the Pakistan Army as an American agent, while completely ignoring the fact that the national Army was fighting terrorist for national interests.

It is clear from their historical political ploys that JUI and JI are more interested in securing their Deoabandi Taliban allies than Pakistani National interest. These parties have a history of providing Umbrella political support for Deobandi Terror groups.

General Raheel Ashraf and the Pakistan Army should be aware that the cowardly Taliban have a history of escaping in “burqa” .  The will not hesitate to escape among IDPs or any other disguise. They have already announced that they will seek revenge by attacking innocent Sunni Brelvi, Shia and other Pakistanis in Urban areas. Their support bases for launching such attacks will be Deobandi Madrassas in the metropolitan areas.

LUBP identified alleged support center for the Karachi Airport attack at a ASWJ Deobandi Madrassa in Pehlwan Ghot near the Karachi Airport. This was also the source of firing on the following day after the Karachi Airport Attack. Dawn news has produced a comprehensive report about similar support by Madrassas in Islamabad for terrorist attacks in the Federal Capital.

Deobandi Madrassa Ashraf ul Madaris is the logical support center for Karachi Airport attacks

The media is hiding the fact that logistical support came form ASWJ LEJ TTP stonghold of Pehlwan Ghot. As in the case of Islamabad Dawn Joint Police Report: Deobandi Terrorists get material support from Deobandi Madrassas, the role of Ashraf ul Madaris in Pehlwan Ghot need to be thoroughly discussed and highlighted in the media. The right wing Pakistan media is continuing to spin apologies for Deobandi terror support centers or Madrassas despite the fact that the second Karachi airport attack came from Pehlwan Ghot as well. Social media is reporting a possible a third attack not reported on Pakistani media.

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While the real terrorists are walking around armed to the teeth in urban Pakistan leaving a trail of death wherever they go:

Auranzeb Farooqi of Deobandi Fascist AWSJ Sipah Sahaba TTP LEJ spreading hat and killing Sunni Brelvi Shia and minorities

Aurangzeb Farooqi of Deobandi Fascist AWSJ Sipah Sahaba TTP LEJ spreading hat and killing Sunni Brelvi Shia and minorities

Is it a coincidence that eight Shia Pashtun IDP’s are massacred,while the notorious Deobandi Taliban Terrorist leader Aurangzeb Farooqi casts his evil shadow in KPK?

dawnZarb-e-Azb: Deobandi ASWJ terrorists massacre eight Shia Pashtun IDPs in Hangu

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.03.21 PM


Renowned ring leaders of a #TTP allied declared terrorist outfit were allowed to roam freely and pass through Kohat tunnel today. It is a legitimate question to ask why and if Army is not operating against these people then who you is the Army fighting? #ASS #LeJ #ZARBeAZAB

Logical conclusion is to empower rangers and police to clean out Deobandi Madrassas. Hate speaking Mullahs should be immediately arrested and replaced with moderate scholars. There cannot be an effective operation without a holistic approach to taking out all fascist Deobandi groups. The groups that pretend to be moderate are simply there to provide political cover or hideouts.



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