Zarb-e-Azb: Deobandi ASWJ terrorists massacre eight Shia Pashtun IDPs in Hangu

Zarb-e-Azb: Deobandi ASWJ terrorists massacre eight Shia Pashtun IDPs in Hangu



We salute 8 Shia Pashtun IDPs of Alizai Tribe of Orakzai Agency killed by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists today. This is latest in the series of Shia genocide by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists across Pakistan, and a reaction of the current military operation Zarb-e-Azb against takfiri Khawarij of TTP and ASWJ.

Why are Pashtuns silent on massacre of 8 Shia Pashtun IDPs of Orakzai Agency by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists. Is there no Ghairat (honour) left?

Since the Operation ZarbeAzb began, 6 army men and 8 Pashtun Shias have been killed by Deobandi ASWJ -TTP terrorists while 8 Sunni Barelvis killed by the pro-ASWJ PMLN in Lahore.

An entire family, of eight Pashtun Shias, gets killed in Kohat and little or no mention of Shia motive of killings by Deobandis is made in both social and electronic media in Pakistan. Shame!

Iftikhar Firdous @IftikharFirdous
8 internally displaced of a family from Kurram Agency, #Fata,Women & Children gunned down by unidentified men in Hangu. #Shiakillings





Postscript: How many of those Pashtuns and non-Pashtuns who are currently providing exaggerated accounts of “Pakistan army’s brutality against innocent Pashtuns in North Wazristan” raised voice over massacre of more than 40 innocent Pashtuns in Taftan by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists a few days ago?

Check their TL. As they say, Lanat bhaij kar share karain.

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  1. Those Pashtuns and non-Pashtuns who were huffing & puffing over Pashtun IDPs issue are silent on massacre of 8 Pashtun Shia IDPs in Hangu by ASWJ Deobandis Check their TL how they wipe out the Shia identity of victims and Deobandi ASWJ identity of killers.

  2. relevant conversation at facebook:

    Asif Zaidi: There is no mystery in this. You may want to read my comment under your article. Also, to the best of my research ability, there is no record of the persecution of any Barelvi Pashtun tribe, even if there exists such a tribe.
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    Abdul Nishapuri: Asif Zaidi Really appreciate your comment on the article published on LUBP. Two minor clarifications: The word mystery was used in an alternative or sarcastic manner in a hope that some Pahstun nationalists or liberals will sincerely reflect on their own silence on Shia genocide. Moreoever, there is evidence of attacks on Sunni Barelvis in Khyber Agency and other parts of Pakistan. In fact, attacks on the Rehman Baba Shrine, execution of a Pir then exacvation of his grave in Swat and other similar incidents are well recorded.
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    Asif Zaidi: Abdul, I know. This is just a way of reiterating your message.
    However, there are hardly any Pashtun Barelvis. Ahmed Raza Khan’s influence never reached farther north than the army of Alexander had. A legacy of Sufi activity is found in some parts of the KPK but is under attack, like shrines being destroyed and songs and dances being forbidden. But there have been no Barelvi groups under siege, as there are almost none. In fact, within the Muslims of the subcontinent, Pashtuns have always been the most receptive to political Islam. The trend was lulled briefly by the Pashtun nationalism of the secular kind inspired by Ghaffar Khan, but it is now on the wane and being replaced by Islamist Pashtun nationalism.