False neutrality between ASWJ-LeJ Deobandi terrorists and Shia Muslims

Rawalpindi burning

The Rawalpindi Ahshuran incidence has once again exposed both the naivity or populsim of some Shia activists and the latent anti-Shia bigotry of Pakistan’s Civil Society. Few of them bothered to examine the facts surrounding this pre planned assault on an Azadari procession.

Pakistan’s so-called educated “civil society” seems to have brought into the narrative of the Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ Deobandi terrorist) which calls for an end to the mixed Shia-Sunni-Hindu processions for commemorating Imam Hussain or the mixed Sunni-Shia Processoins to celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet.

It is easy to understand why these Julooses are so disturbing to Takfiri Deobandi and Wahahi-Salafists who are deeply resentful of anything that signifies freedom of expression, plurality or culturally diversity. The Ashura Julooses and Eid-un-Milad-e-Nabi processions and the values they represent of inclusivity and devotion are a direct counter to the dark, literalist strains that provide the ideological foundations for the Taliban, Al Qaeda and their Sipah Sahaba partners.

The defiance and protest against the tyranny of Yazeed serves as a telling reminder that oppression and injustice must not be tolerated. Inspite of thousands of casualties of Shias and Sunnis who attend the Muhurrum Julooses, the number of attendees has not declined but actually grown in number.

In short, the Shia-Sunni-Hindu-Transgender Juloos represent the most powerful anti-Taliban expression in Pakistan today. As opposed to Saudi-funded literal-ism and anti-cultural faith, the Julooses are a vivid and dynamic expression of faith through the amalgamation of various cultures. From the Sunnis who construct the Taziyas (icons) and put up Sabeels while standing in solidarity to the Hindu mourners and authors of Marsiya and Nauha (elegy) poetry, Muhurrum julooses are the anti-thesis of the vision of the Sipah Sahaba Taliban. Men and women, old and young, transgender and atheists all flock to these julooses – the ultimate act of Defiance against the Tyranny of the Sipah Sahaba Taliban.
One would think that Pakistan’s liberal champions and the “Civil Society” they claim to represent would be at the forefront in defending Juloos and standing up to Sipah Sahaba Taliban. Unfortunately, barring a few exceptions (Saroop Ijaz, Omar Ali (Brown Pundits), their role has been anything but that.

While quick to bash elected politicians, this fickle, venal and compromised groups of individuals has done nothing to support the Shias both before and after the Rawalpindi incident. It has now become clear that the Rawalpindi Incident was:

1. Pre planned a day in advance.
2. That it was not just provocation but also physical attack that was started by the Sipah Sahaba against the Sunni and Shia Mourners at Rawalpindi.
3. ASWJ Casualties were outrageously inflated.
4. The “slaughtered chidren” was a complete hoax constructed out of pictures from Burma and Syria.
5. That Casualties were incurred from both sides.
6. Overwhelming reports and eye witness accounts that the ASWJ mosque was burnt from inside.
7. That while ASWJ and their Taliban partners proudly own up to mass massacres, the Shia and Sunni mourners at Rawalpindi.
8. That both before this highly provocative and planned event, the Sipah Sahaba has continue to attack and kill Shias with impunity and burn their mosques and Imambargahs.

Emerging facts continue to contradict the Pro ASWJ-Taliban narrative that puts the bulk of the blame on the Juloos and not the planned provocation.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the (Fake) Liberal establishment does not not stand with the oppressed.

Hamid Mir’s bigoted column is the perfect example of false neutrality and anti-Shia and anti-Sunni bigotry. In essence, he is prescribing exactly what the TTP and Sipah Sahaba are demanding.

Today, the difference between this video speech of a TTP leader and Pakistan’s Fake Liberal in their opposition to Hussaini processions is marginal and cosmetic.

The following two comments from social media provide some much needed clarity.

“I have received more endorsing messages from my Ahl e Sunnat brothers for this post than for any other recently. Semantics is not a luxury we can afford in these times. Let’s focus on what matters. There are more pressing matters at hand in a country that has been stripped of both intelligence and love and people sway in the wind like a field of ripe corn.

Shaikh Rashid, the Association of Raja Bazar Traders and many other locals have clearly spelt out that the shops were not burnt down by the mourners. These things are staged to turn public opinion against Azadari. Anyone found guilty of burning shops must be apprehended and punished.

To focus on the impromptu reaction and to ignore the planned action that triggered it is dishonest.

There’s nothing you can do when the crowd turns into a mob and unreasonable behaviour takes hold under the convulsive effect of an electric shock in being fired upon from a mosque. When we stand by what the mourners did in Pindi it does not mean that we appreciate or commend it. But, we do stand by it because we know they were attacked first on a day when the emotions of a Shia are at their highest intensity already and also because we know they would never do it as a subject of a planned action.

True, the Pindi procession was not displaying any tolerance for the SSP and Amanullah’s conduct; it was exhibiting its own rage against an intolerance that has been cruel, merciless, and unforgiving. Their Mullahs travel around the country like hell-breathing killers, preaching hate for Shias and professing to kill them and then actually do it. It may be the very definition of hypocrisy to demand tolerance while offering none.

Go and be a beautiful wallflower if one wants, but please, I beg you, spare us the spectacular reactions to ‘over-the-top language’. Kindly leave this task to the people with an underlying agenda”

“in a morbid society like ours the violence of the strong becomes the ‘the new normal. Killing Shias is ‘normal’ if 30 Shias were obliterated on Friday country wouldn’t have batted and eyelid and sickeningly most of us would have considered it as an ‘acceptable’ toll. What changed? Ans: The violence of the weak! my reaction was to the sudden (but predictable) eruption of Gandhis among the most content spectators of the handy work of savages during the past decade. It’s not that few Shias were out on a stroll and decided to go on a gratuitous rampage. The context is of living in the midst of an active genocide. Try accusing the Warsaw uprising of not following the paths of the Prophet Israel (Yaqoob) and Ayub. I am NOT a pacifist nor am I interested in some outlandish description of Ali (as) or Abbas (as) as Gandhi or Budha which is pleasing to the latte sipping ‘uncle Tom Shias’ and more viciously very convenient for all the Sunni collaborators (of their Nazi-esque brethren) who have commented here. Shias in Pakistan have taken a stand it may be ill fated strategically but anyone questioning it’s moral veracity is either a coward or a collaborator of Wahhabi maniacs or both!”

This is a battle of narratives with the State and its Sipah Sahaba Jihadi mercenaries on one side and the targeted communities – Sunnis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christains, Hindus and Sikhs on the Other.

Those who want to ban Julooses are clearly standing in solidarity with the Sipah Sahaba and their Taliban partners.

































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