Discourse of Shia genocide in Pakistan: A Sipah Sahaba leader speaks – by Omar Ali

Screen shot of Ulma-e-Deobandi, largest facebook page of Pakistan’s Deobandi Muslims, known for hate speech against Sunni Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians etc

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Source: Adapted with minor editing from Brown Pundits, to clarify that Takfiri Deobandis, not Sunnis, are responsible for Shia genocide in Pakistan.

For those who understand Urdu, a hospital speech from Aurangzeb Farooqi Deobandi, an SSP leader who was recently shot in Karachi (he survived with minor injuries).

I am posting this because I find that a number of friends simply have no idea of the kind of Shia hatred that is being systematically encouraged by the Takfiri Deobandi activists of Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) in Pakistan. This level of public projection of communal hatred directed at Shias started in the 1980s (when Deobandi, and to some extent Salafi/Wahhabi, seminaries and clerics were recruited by Saudi Arabia, CIA and Pakistan army for Afghan Jihad) and has accelerated since. But it can be missed if you live in Defense or Clifton or other upper class neighborhoods. Upper class burger-jihadis are not always familiar with it (though some of them have got the message that some Shia beliefs approach the zone of heresy and may need to be adjusted as pure islam takes hold). Westoxicated Leftists have absolutely no clue at all, since they grew up in Defense, went to school in KGS and studied postcolonialism and critical studies in Boston.

Well, time to get clued in..

and this is the leader whose mission he promises to carry on:

In the meanwhile don’t ignore the fact that Sipah Sahaba Taliban (Deobandi militants) are planning to infiltrate into Pakistan security agencies: Red Alert : https://lubpak.com/archives/235777

A few quick points:

1. He openly states that his mission is the mission of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi Deobandi, the man after whom the supposedly banned organization “lashkar e jhangvi” is named. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) is an alias of Sipah Sahaba (now operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ) the terrorist organization that is responsible for killing hundreds of Shias across Pakistan. He boasts that when he is done, no Sunni in Pakistan will even shake hands with a Shia and “we wont have to kill them, they will die their own death” (apni maut aap mar jaen gey”). (It is a fact that the membership and influence of Sipah Sahaba (LeJ, ASWJ etc) remains limited to Deobandis only, Pakistan’s largest Sunni sub-sect, i.e., Sunni Barelvis, remain indifferent or opposed to Shia genocide. In addition to killing thousands of Shias, Sipah Sahaba has also killed thousands of Sunni Barelvis and hundreds of Ahmadis and Christians. Context: Ideological roots of Deobandis’ attacks on Shias and Sufi Sunnis in Pakistan: https://lubpak.com/archives/235373 )

2. This man was travelling in a Toyota Land cruiser with half a dozen armed guards and a police escort was leading the way. Or as brother Tariq Ali would say “lumpen elements”.

3. The leader of the Sipah Sahaba, Maulana Ludhianvi Deobandi was at the hospital to meet him and give him his full support. This leader is regularly on TV, is courted by political parties and is a leading light of the “defence of Pakistan council” floated by the army just last year.

4. In protest against this attack the SSP was able to have the entire city of Karachi observe a strike on 12-26. If this is a fringe group it is a rather powerful fringe group.

Connect the dots

By the way, here is Maulana Ludhianvi Deobandi welcoming Malik Ishaq Deobandi on his release from prison. Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi (a new found hero of Pakistan’s urban elites) too can be seen in the reception team.

Meanwhile in Indonesia they are burning the Shias off the land. 

Though I must add that the situation is Indonesia is not analogous because Shias a very tiny minority there. They can be suppressed and the nation may still remain largely unaffected. Pakistan, with 20 million plus Shias is not the same thing.

Though i must add that the situation is Indonesia is not analogous because Shias a very tiny minority there. They can be suppressed and the nation may still remain largely unaffected. Pakistan, with 20 million plus Shias is not the same thing.

Addendum from friend in Karachi: Aside from conducting Shia massacres all over Pakistan, the nexus of LeJ-ASWJ formerly known as SSP is also responsible for attacks on Pakistan’s Christian and Ahmadi muslim communities. The overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks can be traced back to this nexus of interconnected groups which include suicide attacks all over Pakistan that have killed countless Sunnis following the softer strains of Sufism. Too often, any criticism against LeJ is dismissed on the basis of ignorance or dishonest scholarship that has been thoroughly debunked. And Yes, even before 9/11, LeJ-SSP had well established links with the Taliban. When Pakistan’s then Interior Minister Gen. Moinuddin Haider requested for the extradition of Riaz Basra from Taliban protection in Kabul, he was bluntly rejected by the army’s own proxies.

Naked death threat to Senator Faisal Raza Abidi by Malik Ishaq (vice president of Sipah Sahaba) posted on Ulma-e-Deoband facebook page on 28Dec12. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=584240781592931&set=a.144973082186372.28395.144428562240824&type=1

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  1. Hats off to Mr. Omar Ali on writing this much needed post. Also thanks to LUBP for important edits and additions.

    Hate speech and incitement against Shias in full public sight confirms that State is either indifferent or complicit to Shia genocide.

  2. جہادی ثمینہ فاروقی

    بقول چوہا نما تکفیری خارجی اورنگزیب فاروقی Rat of Khawarij

    خارجی ٹولہ نام نہاد سپاہ صحابہ پاکستان المروف اہل سنت والجماعت کے اورنگزیب فاروقی کا گھنائونا اعتراف اور مذموم مقاصد کا انکشاف، ۔۔ اورنگزیب فاروقی کا یہ بیان اس کے خلاف ایک عدالتی ثبوت ہے۔ ضرور دیکھیں اور جہاں تک ہوسکتا ہے لوگوں کو دکھائیں۔

    فرقہ واریت پھیلانے ، قتل و دہشت گردی کا اعتراف۔۔۔ کہاں ہیں قانون کے رکھوالے؟ کہاں ہیں چیف جسٹس؟ کہاں ہیں پاک فوج کے افسران؟

    یہ خارجی ٹولہ ایک ناسور ہے اہلسنت و الجماعت کیلئے ! اسلام پر ایک بد نما داغ ہے ! یہ اصل میں دشمن اہلبیت و صحابہ ہیں !



  3. hahahhahahhaha… Jal jal kay Geo…..

    Shia ko Jalanay kay liay yehi kaafi hai…

    Ghulaman e Sahaba Zindabad.,…
    Shan e Sahaba Zindabad….

    Sipah e Sahaba Zindabad…..

  4. kitne bewaqoof hai yeh ssp k kutay,FATA ma in k gharoon say in ki maan,behnoo ki shalwari army legai…..phir b yeh army k talway chat-tay hain…..ssp khawariji aur munifeeqenoo k zamre ma aate hain..inka ek fauji ho to dosra taliban ma fauj k khilaf jihad karta hai…fool wahabis,tum logon ki zindgi injaam k qareeb aagayi hai.

  5. Halt hate speech now
    By Editorial Published: January 7, 2013

    SSP rally had spread hate speech against Shias. PHOTO: EXPRESS/IRFAN ALI
    We are our biggest enemies. This is something many fail to see because they believe external forces are to blame for Pakistan’s problems but the recent filing of a first information report (FIR) in Multan against members of a banned outfit formerly known as the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan might convince some of those people otherwise. Members of the group, with permission from the district administration and police, held a religious meeting in which they labelled Shias ‘infidels’ and exhorted that imambargahs should be attacked.
    It is unclear why this meeting promoting ill-informed propaganda was granted permission to be held in the first place. The authorities perhaps should have been more careful about who was holding the meeting and for what purpose. In addition, the meeting lasted for over four hours. Due to the sensitive nature of a meeting held by this banned outfit, authorities should have been present to terminate the gathering in case hate propaganda was discussed — rather than allowing it to last for four hours. Nonetheless, it must be commended that an FIR was filed against the leaders of the group and that the police recognised the criminality in the purpose of the meeting.
    It is unfortunate that these are our own fellow citizens brainwashing and spreading hate amongst the masses. That is why we are sometimes our own enemies. The accused must be apprehended. Police forces need to become more vigilant. Antiterrorism forces also need to begin more stringent crackdowns on this ‘local terrorism’ that is spreading hate campaigns. In this particular case, the campaign reached over 1,000 people and is at risk of growing as these people could pass their brainwashed beliefs onto their families and acquaintances. Hate speech must be halted now. It must be treated with stricter evaluation and must result in harsh consequences for those convicted of the treacherous crime.
    Published in The Express Tribune, January 8th, 2013.


    23 hours ago
    A very timely and fair editorial by ET, thanks for that. I agree with you whole heartedly that these terrorist criminals must be reined in. Mere banning them is not helping, let us go out against them with the same zeal they have against their victims. The Punjab govt of Sharif and Rana Sana has direct links and alliances with these terrorists and it is an open secret. Nothing is going to happen to these extremists and they are only going to gain more momentum. Why are blasphemy laws not applicable to these false fatwa?

    Noor Nabi
    17 hours ago
    You have hit the nail on the head. Rana Sanaullah is the link between the PML(N) and these countless people with murderous intentions. They are out to destroy Pakistan and the country’s so called ally, Saudi Arabia, funds these groups through its Zakaat donations.

    Jan 8, 2013 – 12:29AM
    this is pakistan of mullah,s and taliban its no more quaid,s and iqbal,s pakistan.in this country there is no place for monorities only the followers of banned outfits with changed names and taliban are here……..pakistan say zindabagh this become our slogan now ,god save us from these lunatics

    10 hours ago
    The editorial is most appropriate but it is more important to remove hate and jihad material from the education curriculum.

    18 hours ago
    The sooner the government gets its act together the better it is for the country. Hate speeches have long inflamed passions and the victims fed on false propaganda definitely pose a threat to those opposing them. Some control should also be exercised on the many so called Charitable organisations which seem to be nothing but fronts for the many militant groups wreaking havoc on the people of the hapless country.

    8 hours ago
    Thank God for timely news by ET. Hope authorities will take notice of it. Sad part of the whole scenario, same practice continued against Ahmadies for many years. Similar banners and speeches continued. Even the Auqaf Department sponsored such meetings. High ups from Punjab government presided such meetings. No such actions came to lime light. Any way as long the irregularity has been identified is good and should be rectified. Similarly civil society and law enforcing departments should keep in mind that all the citizens of Pakistan has same rights irrespective of their religious belief. Hopefully same will stand true for Ahmadies and other minority groups also.

  6. SHIA Kaala Kafir Hai Aur Humesha Rahayga..
    Kuttay Ki Maut Isy Tarha Humesha Maraynge Yeh.
    Aur Yeh LUBP HATE SPEECH Tum SPREAD Kar Rahe Ho .
    Kuch Bhi Karlow HAQ Humesha Phelayga BARELVI Nasal Ki Paydawaar Lagte Ho Tum..

  7. feel like LoL to every absurd and immature blogging ,you can expect from neshapuri bastards ..
    SSP zindabad . Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir

  8. Shia bharwo tm umer r.a ko galyan daitey ho jo tmharey maula Ali r.a k damad bb fatima r.a k damad,nabi pak Saw k sussar hain aur islam k dorrey khaleefa thay.sari dunya k muslim unko mantey hain hazrat ali 10 saal tak un ke wazeer rhey aur apney baitoun k naam bhi umer usman rakhey toh tmhari maa ki chut mein kia takleef hoti hai..tm
    Tm bhen sahaba ko galyan daikr asal mein nabi pak Saw ki tauheen krtey ho aur quran k munkir hotey hai.amaa ayesh r.a jinji pak damni allah khud byan krta hai aur unko umm ul m0minen kehta hai toh issi tarah tm gustakh e rasoul hotey hain aur Allah k quran k munkir
    shia di maa di lolo wich ponstan di goli
    shio pe qyamat tak lanat parti rheygi