Red Alert : Sipah Sahaba Deobandi militants are planning to infiltrate into FIA, police and army -by Ali Taj

Recently we read how Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban are threatening Shia Muslims of Pakistan with death and destruction.

Now here is a Red Alert: Sipah Sahaba Deobandi militants are planning to infiltrate into Pakistan security forces (Federal Investigation Agency FIA, Police, Army etc) to kill more Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Christians etc.

Remember Mumtaz Qadri (a police official who killed Salmaan Taseer in Jan 2011), the May 2004 attack on a Shiite mosque (Sindh madrasatul Islam, Karachi) in which 30 Shias were killed, and also recent attacks on Shia Muslims in Quetta involving FC soldiers.



All of the pictures in this post are screen shots from the Ulma-e-Deoband (Pakistani Deobandis) facebook page with more than 55,000 members. Connect the dots. (Malik Ishaq Deobandi with Aurangzeb Farooqi Deobandi, then naked death threat to Senator Faisal Raza Abidi by Malik Ishaq Deobandi, and the suggestion to Sipah Sahaba members to join the FIA etc.) Save this evidence and submit to a court of law. Also report the facebook page because it spreads hate speech and incites to violence against Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Christians etc:



Their modus operandi and hatred of Shia, Ahmadi, Sunni Barelvi is very clear.



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