Written by the ISI, adapted by Syed Talat Hussain

Dear critical readers,

Would you like to review an op-ed whose content was developed in Islamabad’s Aabpara office (of the ISI), which was then adapted as a newspaper column by a “leading” Pakistani journalist?

Here is a classical example of one such op-ed written in defence of the Punjabi Taliban by Syed Talat Hussain, “Chief of Aaj New Staff”, and a “populist” TV anchor in Pakistan.

In the main, Talat Hussain suggests that:

1. While there may not be a “full of conspiracy link” (sazish se bhara hua talluq) between those who are demanding for an operation clean up against terrorists of Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba in Punjab and the increasing level of terrorist activities in the province, the proponents of the operation clean up in Punjab will refer to the Data Darbar attack to further their arguments. (And why should not they?)

2. The attack on Data Darbar does not have a sectarian motive. (In other words, Talat Hussain is not ready to believe that a sectarian motive is behind the fact that Shias are being killed in their Imam Bargahs and Muharram processions, Barelvis are being killed in their 12 Rabiul Awwal processions and also in Sufi shrines, Ahmadis are being killed while offering Friday prayers etc).

3. The last sentence in Talat Hussain’s op-ed is very interesting. He writes:

“The tragic attack on Data Darba has no relation whatsoever with the Darbar nor with sectarianism. It is in fact an invitation to start military action against the Taliban in Punjab.”

This is the last sentence through which Talat Hussain completely and utterly exposed his real motive and the pro-ISI agenda. In other words he is saying that: the Taliban are not responsible for the Data Darbar attack, therefore, do NOT start an operation clean up against them in Punjab.

Our wise men in Khakis are hell bent on finding all possible excuses to avoid a possible military action against jihadi and sectarian terrorists in Punjab. Punjab is the most fertile recruitment ground for various jihadi and sectarian organisations including Deobandi Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba and Wahhabi Lashkar-e-Taiba. Indeed, how could the ISI (Pakistan Army) lead an action against its own assets in Punjab?

Well done, Talat. You are performing your duties according to your brief!

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