Shia, Shia, Shia, where is Pakistan? – by Sabah Hassan

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Shia, Shia, Shia, where is Pakistan? – by Sabah Hassan

Recently some on our Facebook Forum asked this question:

“Most of the people here keep saying Shia shia shia…where is Pakistan?”

Here are some of the answers I liked.

Admin 1: ” Where is Pakistan? when Pakistanis are being killed and their Army sponsored killers are being freed by their Army sponsored Judiciary.”

Admin 2: “There is no Pakistan without Pakistanis. When Pakistanis are being killed (mostly of Shia community), then its part of Pakistan that is being put to death; hence its very appropriate to register our protest for this injsutice against Pakistan, sadly by proxies of those who have sworn to protect it.”

Member 1: “Well we are Pakistanis and we are suffering because of the silence of the majority, because of the intrigues of the agencies and because of the madar pidar azaad faction of the majority. Our problem is a major problem of Pakistan our slogan is “Pakistan banaya hai, Pakistan bachain gay.’ When you talk about Pakistan and not mention the major problem being faced by five and a half crore Pakistanis you cannot ask any Pakistani to wake up.”

Sabah Hassan: ” I normally refrain from use of such language, but I have to say that the question initiating the thread seems to be a case of deliberate naivete (tajahul-e-arifana) if coming from a person living in Pakistan and keeping abreast of news.

If it was a foreigner asking the question, the response is that Pakistanis are being killed almost every day across the country because they happen to be Shia. If they were killed because they were humans, we would have said: Humans, humans, humans; if because of their being Pakistani, we would have said: Pakistani, Pakistani, Pakistani. If because of their religion – Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, then the name of that religion would have been our refrain, but if they are being killed after being branded “Kafir, Kafir, Shia Kafir”, what reason is there to brush the reality under the carpet for the sake of what XXXXXX calls ‘unity’, though I fail to comprehend what is the show of unity in this hypocrisy.”

Member 3: “The matter has nothing to do with sect or religion,but JPJ forum has had highlighted the bigotry, and hatred towards marginalized communities from all sections in the past and eager to showcase enormous problems of fragmented society in order to create awareness.

We can not deny Shia Killings and genocide and will continue to bring the helplessness and plight of marginalized groups into limelight.
Today, if I would not speak for Shias or Ahemdhis, then I am the next one to face the brutality at the hands of illiterate and savage organizations. It is truly said “Cruelty should be encountered with mighty force, before it takes the shape of a demon”

The survival of Pakistan depends upon the co-existence of communities and race living together side by side, respecting each others presence with love and forgiveness. Perhaps, in present scenario it is difficult, but we need to start from somewhere.

I am sure nationalism for Pakistan will generate positive vibes, provided if,we as social networking operators carry forward the torch of liberty and freedom. This is the first step we all have to initiate for prosperous Pakistan, and urge supreme court to see everyone from equal eye. Regretfully, it has been noticed that disable eyes are biased and selective.
True Pakistan can be discovered, if the writ of equality is maintained for all. This is the place where I want to see Pakistan. Do you see the same?”

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16 responses to “Shia, Shia, Shia, where is Pakistan? – by Sabah Hassan”

  1. In current situation specially first THREAT then APOLOGY we may ENTER more worst Phase then ever,In Pakistan,this is true too much killings on the basis of sectarian,ethnically, Bulochistan on Boiling Point,Amazingly Our Nation is United,NOT LEADERs`,reason is this no one blaming eachother Nor SUNNY blame SHIAs`Nor Phatan Blame Urdu Speakings`or vice versa.In my point of view this is a great time to meet all challenges.

    • You are right as far as most people are concerned Sunni and Shia get along. Urdu speaking and Pathan get along. We need to take out he criminals that do the murders.

  2. BREAKING News Alerttt>>>Syed Faisal Raza Abidi EXPOSED Dajal Media Chodry Justice & Puppet Zardari Regime>>>Like & SHARE wd whole world>بریکنگ نیوز:طالبان مخالف یکم جولائی مینار پاکستان کا جلسہ اور عوام کا سمندر میڈیا کو نظر نہیں آتا۔ سعودی عرب، اور امریکہ سے کوئی پالیسی نہیں چاہیے جو کرنا ہے خود کرنا ہے۔۔
    سوال بے غیرت کسے کہتے ہیں؟؟
    جواب؛ جس کی بیوی اور بیٹے لندن کے ہوٹل میں دو ماہ تک 34 کروڑ رشوت سے عیاشیاں کرتا رہے۔۔۔اور دجال چوہدری کہے کہ مجھے پتہ ہی نہیں۔۔۔لعنت ہو ایسے کانے شمر افتخار چوہدری پر(اضافہ از وائس آف ٹروتھ)

  3. Yes we must take out them criminals who do murders but at the same time all shia Sunni ahlehadith barelvi deobandi brothers must throw out those black sheeps ( fake molvis, zakirs and that..) who provide ammunition to these criminals with their speech and writings. Such sell outs abuse others religious symbols just to keep their rates up.

    I warn those aswell who think just because they live in a western country they won’t face no physical reaction of their stupid actions. Listen you fools your brothers backhome are paying for what you have done so stop it now and let us all live side by side like brothers.

  4. your warning and your Pakistani flag .. up your jihadi apologist terrorist ass !

  5. Hey My brothers sabah hassan and Ali taj. you blocked me from fb group JPJ because I posted a proved news. You abused me as chakla going student Mr Sabah hassan.. And Mr Ali taj blocked me.. I will just say, you should have guts to face reality. Dont be hypocrite.