Jang Geo or Jangju group learns a lesson and starts polishing

Jang Geo or Jangju group learns a lesson and starts polishing

News promoting the Army


The above picture of “The News” front page from May 3rd 2014 speaks wonders about the journalistic integrity of the Jang/Geo group.  The front page of the leading English daily has two headlines, Imran Khan taking issue with Jang/Geo on rigged elections and Chaudhry Nisar’s usual apology for the Taliban. Interestingly the picture at the center of these headlines is one of the Army Chief with his core commanders. Excuding male chauvinism and inspiring the faithful that the citadel of Islam remains solid. This picture has no journalistic relevance to the headlines or any other news items. It seems Jang/Geo has learnt its corporate lesson and is back to proving that no one can be more obscene in shamelessly promoting Pakistan Army and their strategic assets for no reason whatsoever.

All of this has to be considered in the context of the unfortunate attack on Hamid Mir and accusations against the ISI. It seems that Hamid Mir after years of dutiful service to the taliban terror groups and their masters the Army had tried to cash in his stock with the Army by taking a slightly sympathetic position to the Baloch cause in order to raise his journalistic stock. Hamid Mir’s position on the Baloch nationalists was compromised but tactic to raise his stock as a journalist. The Army was having none of it and decided either Hamid Mir works full time for the Army or not work at all. This moonlighting for the Baloch was unacceptable. This was the last straw.

The Jang/Geo Stalwarts such as Najam Sethi, Amir Liaqat Hussain, the Jang/Geo management and other Army sycophants like Nasim Zehra were quick to throw Hamid Mir under the bus and move to their usual tactful apple polishing of the Army.




LUBP as well as other national and international news organizations and have been critical of the compromised discourse by Jang/Geo:

“A lot of us liberals feel a dilemma,” said Abbas Nasir, a former editor at the BBC and Dawn newspaper. “We’re disgusted with the way Geo has behaved in recent years. But we also know the consequences of letting the boots shut down the media. And that’s got to be the bottom line.”

In 2012, the militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi recruited a junior reporter at Geo to help plan the assassination of a news editor and a prominent talk show host at the station, said a former Geo manager with direct knowledge of the case. The plot was foiled when the reporter confessed.

A second Geo employee was identified as a militant after the Taliban assault on Karachi’s Mehran naval base in June 2011, the former manager said. The station also believes that insider information played a role in the death of Wali Khan Babar, a Geo reporter who was killed by the M.Q.M. in 2010, a current Geo manager said.


Aysaha Siddiqa wrote along the same lines.

It is disgusting how Jang Geo’s Najam Sethi and his affiliate Raza Rumi promoted a compromised discourse in presenting one of the most dangerous terrorist in world Ahmed Lihanvi deobandi the leader of the banned organization Sipah Sahaba (now under the name of ASWJ/LEJ) as an ambassador of peace.

Ludhianvi leads the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, a front for (and effectively the new name of) Sipah-e-Sahaba—a terrorist organization that sponsors violence against Pakistan’s Shia Muslim minority (one of its spinoffs, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, is arguably Pakistan’s most vicious sectarian group). Though he insists he has never used violence, Ludhianvi’s views are far from peaceful—and legions of his sectarian militant followers gladly enforce his rabidly anti-Shia dictates through force of arms.


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