Hamid Mir, a champion of the Balochs?

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What exactly are Hamid Mir’s motives when he poses as a vocal supporter of the Balochs?

The pro-Taliban sectarian bigot who callously contributed to massacre of more than 90 Ahmadiyya Muslims in Lahore (May 2010), also to Colonel Imam and Khalid Khwaja’s murder, shamelessly glorifies and promotes takfiri Deobandi terrorists of TTP and ASWJ by inviting hate clerics such as Ahmed Ludhyanvi Deobandi, Fazlur-Rehman Khalil Deobandi and Abdul Aziz Deobandi to his shows, eulogizes the Salafi/Wahabi terrorist Hafiz Saeed, obfuscates or denies Shia genocide and Sunni Barelvi genocide while presenting takfiri Deobandi clerics as representatives of Sunni Muslims equating them with the target killed Shia community, how can he become, all of a sudden, a humanitarian and philanthropist when it comes to the Baloch cause? Something is not adding up here, folks.

Of course, the above comment is a reflection on Hamid Mir, not on the peaceful Baloch activists led by Mama Qadeer, one of the noblest persons in this part of the world.


Answer to the above question is, indirectly, provided by Khurshid Nadeem in his column on Deobandi Taliban (Dunya, 5 March 2014). Khurshid Nadeem says that it is both unfair and inaccurate to equate Taliban’s Jihadist violence against Pakistani State with the armed struggle of Baloch nationalists because Taliban’s inspiration of violence is drawn from their puritancial, takfiri and Deobandi Salafi interpretation of Islam.

khurshid nadeem 5 March 2014

In Taliban’s eyes, Pakistan government (and all other governments including those of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Syria etc) are the Taghoot, i.e., enemies of Allah. Therefore, from TTP’s perspective, there is no third option, they have to either kill or get killed in their cause of global Jihad. They want to take over Pakistan and the entire world in order to forcefully implement the Deobandi and Salafi-Wahhabi Sharia. Peaceful resolution of this agenda is not possible due to TTP-ASWJ’s takfiri interpretation of Islam. This intolerance and inflexibility is reflected in TTP and its urban form ASWJ-SSP’s brutalities against Pakistani civilians and security forces, in particular against Sunni Barelvis/Sufis, Shias, Ahmadis and Christians.

In contrast, Balochs are fighting against discrimination and oppression at the hands of Pakistani State. They want ownership of their land and mineral resources and are concerned about the well-being and rights of their people. Some of them are now fighting for an independent Balochistan as a means to achieve their rights. While indiscriminate violence against innocent civilians by some Baloch groups, particularly against non-Baloch settlers in Balochistan, must be unconditionally condemened, it is unfair to compare their secular struggle with the pan-Deobandi-Salafi Islamist Jihad of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

That’s where Hamid Mir, intentionally, creates obfuscation and amalgamation, in order to equate a justified struggle by secular Balochs with an unjustified global Caliphate agenda of Deobandi and Salafi-Wahhabi fanatics.

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Through his tactic of false equality, Hamid Mir seeks to gain legtimiacy for illegitimate TTP-ASWJ terrorists by comparing and equating them with legitimate struggle of the Balochs.

Of course, Mama Qadeer cannot and must not be compared with the likes of Hakeemullah Mahsud Deobandi and Mullah Fazlullah Swati Deobandi, nor can Farzana Majeed Baloch be equated with Umme Hassan Deobandi of Islamabad’s Jamia Hafsa/Laal Masjid or with the Salafi terrorist Aafia Siddiqui.

By legitimately criticizing ISI and army on the Baloch issue, likes of Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi want to build pressure on army  to stop it from military action against the TTP-ASWJ Khawarij. This tactic is similar to Muawiya’s tactic in Siffin when he asked his followers to lift Quran on the top of their spears to escape a defeat; that’s when Hazrat Ali (a.s.) said: what they say is truth, what they intend is falsehoood.

Many vultures are currently trying to exporopriate human rights of the Balochs, Pashtuns and Shias in order to promote their own sectarian, economic or political agendas. A case in point is how Najam Sethi used the Baloch cause to promote his credentials and then backstab his own Baloch comrades by providing their details to the military establishment. Other similar examples can be found in the likes of Malik Siraj Akbar (known for his public flattery of Najam Sethi and Husain Haqqani), Jibran Nasir (who tried to play the Hazara card to obfuscate Shia genocide by Deobandi terrorists), and some Pashtun nationalists who remain completely silent on the takfiri Deobandi roots of ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba) terrorists who are target killing Shias and Sunni Barelvis due to their faith.




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