Eyewitness account of the Ashura day violence in Rawalpindi

Eyewitness account of the Ashura day violence in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi burning

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Editor’s note: It is now increasingly clear that the Saudi funded Deobandi mosques and seminaries (which are 80 percent of all mosques/seminaries while Deobandis represent only 10 percent of Pakistani population) have lost the battle for eulogizing the tyrant Caliph Yazid ibn Muawia. Pakistani Shia and Sunni Muslims are good natured people who continue to participate in and support the Ashura processions of Imam Hussain. The Hussaini message is universal, it is not for any sect or religion. It is for anyone to join the caravan of Hussain and fight oppression. The Deobandi terrorists operating as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ), Taliban etc get their money from the oppressive Kings of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. So they use their heavily armed Deobandi Madrassa base to attack Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Christians, and Hindus. The idea is simple. Portray a peacful procession of Sunni and Shia against Yazid Ibne Mavia that has been going on for 1400 years as potential dangerous. This is the only way they would have the people not understand the message of fighting against oppressive dictators such as Yazid and the current Wahhabi dictators of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Here are some eye witness accounts about the sad event in Rawalpindi.

It’s no sectarian violence! or Shia Sunni conflict. It’s an intentional situation Created by the #ASWJ #LEJ #SSP # Deobandi #Taliban who are insecure about their religion. They accept Yazid as their Caliph. https://lubpak.com/archives/231807

Deobandi Masjid Ghulam Allah (made by Abdullah Khan) has always been active in targeting Shia’s as kafir, Sunni Barelvis as Mushrik, and taking their animosity against Milad and Ashura procession, this we all know who have been attending Ashura jaloos in Rawalpindi for hundreds of years. Today was another such example. In the Juma Khutba it was announced that,

“Shias slur against OUR CALIPH HAZRAT YAZID, and ARE, therefore, KAFIR AND ENEMY OF ISLAM”.

No reaction came from any Shia or Sunni Barelvi in the Ashura procession on this when nearly around 3:00 pm after the Asar namaz started as scheduled, they started throwing stones and bricks at men, women, children. Mourners were injured and killed in this attack.  A student (talib) from the Masjid loaded his gun and fired on the crowd FIRST! During this nearly ALL POLICEMEN RAN AWAY! What happened after this came as a REACTION by the local crowd and security!

HEAR THIS TOO DEAR CM PUNJAB Sahahbaz Sharif! Fire was put to the shops by their own Deobandi group from backside and NOT from any mourner from the front. Nearly 5000+ people were ready to enter in the procession (My brother was in Jaloos , he say that people who attending the jaloos were fully checked, even lighter , Machtes were not allowed to carry with yourself, then think who burns the markets????, it was pre-planned game like in Karachi some years back, that first fire or blast then third party starts looting , fire and blames on peaceful mourners. When you were attacked, then the first thing people doing to shift the injured or dead bodies to hospitals not to burns the markets….My brother was in Jaloos , he say that people who attending the jaloos were fully checked, even lighter , Machtes were not allowed to carry with yourself, then think who burns the markets????, it was pre-planned game like in Karachi some years back, that first fire or blast then third party starts looting , fire and blames on peaceful mourners. When you were attacked, then the first thing people doing to shift the injured or dead bodies to hospitals not to burns the markets. Jaloos to create more chaos and were being stopped by the rangers at the other end. All Pre-Planned!”

I was in Jaloos , people who attending the jaloos were fully checked, lighters , matches were not allowed to carry with yourself, then think who burns the markets????, it was pre-planned game like in Karachi some years back, that first fire or blast then third party starts looting , fire and blames on peaceful mourners. When you were attacked, then the first thing people doing to shift the injured or dead bodies to hospitals not to burns the shops. Who burns the markets????

It was pre-planned game like in Karachi some years back, that first fire or blast then third party starts looting , fire and blames on peaceful mourners. When you were attacked, then the first thing people doing to shift the injured or dead bodies to hospitals not to burns the markets.

In this tweet Deobandi ASWJ is planning the voilence
In this tweet Deobandi ASWJ is planning the violence

aswj tweet 2http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/15/us-pakistan-sectarian-violence-idUSBRE9AE12Q20131115

taha preplan

evid of preplan

lies 2


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  1. You seem to be supporting a particular sect. Try not to be bias and write the eye witness again.

    • He is not biased, it’s the truth which you folks don’t want to hear. Mola Ali (a.s) saying come to mind: “Jahna sei pathar aiye ousay wahi pe louta dou.” This barbaric drama was pre-planned by LeJ/TTP – Wahabi thugs. I think, what they wanted to achieve – create Chaos they have achieved that but, consequences of this act has exposed the true FITNA! I hope ARMY clean this MESS – Punjab Gov’t or even Federal Gov’t is pro Taliban/Wahabi, so minorities can’t expect Punjab/Federal Gov’t to be fair to them… “Hie Haath Min-l Zilla”

  2. Ager Pakistan ko bachana hai aur laziman bachana hai werna lootnay k liay kia rahay gaa kitno ki roti bund hojai gi. lahaza is ko sakhti se rokna hoga. Impartial investigation ki jai or mujrimo ko qarare waqai saza zaroor di jai . WARNA……..

  3. Stop lying. this article is full of lies. Why are you keeping the brelvis and shias under the same heading.If you want to read what brelvis have to say about shia Read the fatwa of Mowlana Ahmed Raza Khan Brelvi. Nobody gives the shia the right to burn a mosque and kill children. You are responsible for whatever happens next!

    • We grieve for the fact how Yazids army did zulm on the house hold of the prophet and killed, massacred, insulted and unhumanly treated their men, women and children just because they were openly saying that Yazid was doing shirk and he was a kafir. And you are claming us to be the murderers of children and destroyer’s of mosques. Either you are mentally ill or you are seriously misguided. Something that neither our imam Hussain(A.S) did and infact stood up against why would we do it.

  4. And what ever problems we have between deobandis and brelvis is our problem Not the right of any shia to exploit. We takfir deobandis on matters and they do takfir on us .These matter are not of laymen to discuss.However the brelvis and deobandis unified on what they think regarding the shia.

  5. And if you really think Deobandis appreciate Yazid then you are a LIAR.They neither appreciate nor condemn him.
    However i know what the shias say about the sahaba.Why didn’t you mention that? Remember you will be held in the court of Allah for spreading lies.Why didn’t you mention what the shias say about Sahaba(R.A) ?

  6. It is sad and shameful that kalima reciting people are killing each other. It has been going on since creation of Pakistan and will go on til……..This is exactly happens when government issuses certificates regarding your faith. “DOOB MARO SARKARI MUSELMANO” You have hijacked Islam. The only solution of these problem is “AHMADIYYAT, THE TRUE ISLAM” Food for thought .

  7. ya RASOOL ALLAH. jo log YA RASOOLALLAH (SAWW) aur ALL-E-RASOOL (SAWW) ki mukhalifat karain,woh AAP(SAWW) ke gunahgar aur jahanami hain.

  8. HASAN aur HUSSAIN (AS) jawanan-e-janat ke sardar hain. hadees-e RASOOL(SAWW) .. YA ALLAH qiamat mein mujhay HAZRAT IMAM HUSSAIN ( AS) ke sathion ke saath mehshoor farma. Aur jo is hadees sharif ka inkari hay usay YAZID ke sathion mein shumar kar.AAMEEN.


  9. @ Muslim
    i would like to add something the sunnis praise Hazrat Hussain and Hassan (R.A).So what you are saying is irrelevant.Like i said before its very common of people of your ilk to misguide the layman by potraying Love for Ahlul Bayt.When in fact you are the ones to who curse sahaba aren’t you? Why don’t you talk about that? Why do you do it when the Prophet (P.B.U.H) have given them glad tidings of Jannah in this world? The reason why you don’t do it in open because you want to paint a false ideology that you are the ones being dejected and discriminated against and if you did that openly your taqiyyah will be exposed and everyone will come to know of truth. Which is far from truth. So tell everyone about it why do you curse the Sahaba (R.A)?

    • Listen, We don’t curse all sahabas infact we respect the ones that deserve to be respected ex. Hazrat Abuzar Al Gafari or Hazrart Bilal .You say we curse the sahaba then tell me which sahaba’s do tou know we curse. Undoutedly we do curse those lanti sahabas who were just namely sahabas, who acted righteous but were Hypocrites, Mushriks and Munafiks. Those sahabas who did zuolm on the family of the prophet after the prophet, those sahabas who didn’t give the garden of Fidq to the daughter of Rasool even it was her Haq and it was given to her by her father prophet Muhammd (P.B.U.H), the sahabas who started a fire on the door of the house of the prophet’s daugter. Not to mention that daughter Fatima al Zahra( a.s) who is the prophet’s heart and for whome there is a surah in the holy Quran Surah-al-Kausr. And in continuation those sahabas who didn’t even attend the prophets funeral and were in Saqeefa debating about kilafat and neglecting the event of Gadeer where the prophet said “Mun kunto Mola fa haza Ali un Mola.” Or those sahabas who tied a rope in Ali (a.s) neck and dragged him around the strrets of Madina. You say we do shirk, well first define shirk. if you think that we do shirk what pillar of Islam or what order of God do we deny? Did we deny or stop obeying any usool e deen or furooh e deen? Did we add something from our side into the religon? If you answer imamat, well then remember the prophets hadits when he was leaving this world and he said ‘I am leaving two things with you, 1. Quran 2. My Household and Progeny.’ The prophet also stated, ‘after me 12 Muhammads are going to come, the first will be a Muhammd, the middle onse will be Muhammads and the last one would be a Muhammd. They all will be Muhammads.’ and those are the 12 imams we believe in. So tell me what is the defination of a kafir. And if you think that we are kafir’s or Mushriks then provide evidence. I think that will answer your questions about cursing the sahaba’s and other things. And we openly do say that kilafat is wrong because it’s not in the Quran, not in hadits and not said by the Rasool. And also adding to your knowledge that Abdullah ibn Abu Bakr fought alongside of Imam Ali in the battle of Jamal when Hazrat Ayesha came to fight him and in Siffen against Muawiay ibn Abu Sufyan(L.A) who is also his killer. This draws to a conclusion that imam ali was righteous and he was given this tittle by God. Another thing how am I kafir if my kalma is ” La illa ha illal la, Muhammad ur Rasool ul la, Ali un Wali ul la wasi e rasool ul la, ba kalifatahoon bil ha fasl” This kalma establishes the following points:
      1) There is no God but Allah.
      2) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is who I believe is the messanger of Allah and has bought the Holy Quran as my Book and prophet Muhammad is the last messanger and the prophet above all prophets .
      3) Imam Ali (A.S) is the wali which means he is the naib and the righteous sucessor of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
      4) Imam Ali is given this tittle of Imamat by Allah and this way of Imamat will be seuceeded by his sons Hassan and Hussain, then Hussain’s son, then from son to son until the last 12Th Imam. the imam of our time. Imam Muhammad al Mahdi (A.S) who is in Gaib. All 12 imams are equal in status and are the righteous progeny and household of the prophet (P.B.U.H).
      5) Imam ali is naaoozabillah at a higher status than prophet (P.B.U.H) and is naazobillah God.
      6) The imams are there to establish and make sure that the religon of the prophet islam is followed correctly and tey will stand and stop any shirk taking place. which clarifies the tragic even of Karbala.
      7) All 12 imams are mosoom and they can never make mistakes.
      This is my Taqayiyagh tell me what about it makes me KAFIR?

      • Corrections
        5) Imam ali is not naaoozabillah at a higher status than prophet (P.B.U.H) and is not naazobillah God.
        This is my faith tell me what about it makes me KAFIR?
        Define Taqayaigh? And since I gave you a brief explanation of my faith there is no Taqayaigh. This is the belief of every shia man or women. So dont confuse us with Aga Khanis, Bories, Nausairies, ismailies or Qadyani’s or any other group. They are different we are shias and were the only ones.

  10. You ignorant MUSLIM, right now whole PAKISTAN is jahanum. It would stay like this unless we get rid of mullah thinking and all the mullahs with external and internal beards. This is a cancer and needed to be taken care of surgically. Get out of fool’s paradise and have some reality check. It is a ticking time bomb and wating to explode in a big way and will cause blood shed of millions. Some day we have to clean the streets of Pakistan from the filthy blood of these hypocrites (MUNAFQEEN). After this , a new sun will rise and Pakistan will prosper inshallah.
    Mullah and Pakistan are incompatible and one has to go and I hope it is mullah and not Pakistan.

  11. why mulims are fightingg? i was a student of that madrassah 2 months back. i went there to study ISLAM. but i am ashamed that their teach7ngs were not about ideology of islam. my teachers wanted to become honourable ministers,government officials etc and wanted power by any means, because they said; that only after getting power we can preach islam.it was infront my eyes that they planned this brutal game of 10 muharram. sorry to say that both of the dead students from battagram were my room partners. i am now going to AFGHANISTAN to fight against common enemy of islam i,e AMERICA. i will be a TALIB there and will study real islam. please pray for me and please unite all muslims against AMERICA.

  12. This is a repetition of the Episode that took place at Kohati Gate, Peshawar in 90s. Offenders were hiding in a Mosque known for its alliance with Sipah-e-Suhaba. They initially stoned the Procession of Shiites followed by Firing in Air which in turn infuriated Shiites. The stuff inside Mosque was also burnt by the Offenders who planned everything before hand.
    It is important to mention here that: Respect of All Suhaba (R.A) and All Ahlul Bait (R.A) is must for all Muslims since they respected each other. Similarly, Yazid Paleed is responsible for the Karbala Happenings and he is worst than Kafirs. I condemn this incidence and appeal all Muslims to exercise restraint in the interest of saving Islam and Pakistan.

  13. @QASJAF456
    Then say it openly who do you curse.Come on say it.which Sahaba you curse.
    And then don’t come up on the media and else where they sunnis are praising yazeed . We niether praise him Nor condemn him.But why don’t you tell us which sahaba you curse? Post their Names here.So that everybody can see.

    • @Brelvi
      Tell me the name of the person who started the fire on Bibi Fatima as Zehra(a.s) door after the prophet. That sahaba who didn’t give her The Garden of Fidq even after a big quarrel between the prophets daughter and that lanti in his palace and didn’t accept the accounts of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain(A.S) claiming that they were kids. That sahaba who tied a rope in Imam Ali’s neck and dragged him around the strrets of Madina. Those who were in Saqeefa distributing and creating governments, missing the funeral of the prophet. Not just anyone but the prophet of Allah. The reason I curse those lanti people is because of these events where they have hurted the Ahe-le-bait. I already know the names and am to clarify but first I need you to go and research these from all books and after researching think about who was right and who wrong and then look at the names of the people who were wrong and tell me their names and I’ll clarify them. First go research then the reality willl become clear. I swear by God after you tell me the names, I will post the names on those namely sahabs on this website.

      • We are Not shias.
        We are Ahlus Sunnah wal jamaat (not fake Deobandi ASWJ)
        Understand this difference.
        Not condemning/cursing is NOT EQUAL to Praising.STOP spreading lies.
        We don’t curse the dead .

  14. I am not favoring Shia neither the followers of Aal-i-Saud (They are not Sunni), whatever happened in Rawalpindi has devastated our religion (Islam) and our nation. We are debating on either Namaz should be by folding hands or unfolded and rest of the world is enjoying the glory of prosperity and technology. I live in a country where Chinese, Hindu, Christian, non-believers and Muslims lives together, and they respect eacthother’s value. We have holiday on Chinese New Year, on Hindu events and Muslims as well. No one debate on each other’s believes. In Pakistan unfortunately it’s contrary, to smell what’s going on in our neighbor’s bedroom has become our nature and we like to interfere in other’s business. I feel sad when I look at where Pakistani’s are standing in 2013 and where rest of the world is, it’s awful. I am also surprised when someone says “we don’t condemn Yazid” don’t you know what he did with the beloved of prophet PBUH? Very sorry to hear that. We are Muslims because Imam Hussain A.S. stood against the oppression of Yazid. Should be thankful to Imam Hussain A.S and his companions for the sacrifice they offered for humanity (not only for Muslims). By saying “we don’t condemn Yazid” you are showing Imam Hussain and Yazid had the same dignity which is very unfair. On the other hand what happened in fidq, Saqeefa or who burnt the door of Bibi Zahra A.S. is debatable, no one has the clear answers to that under which circumstances those incidents happened. If naming the Sahaba hurts someone we should not quote this. Whoever did that will face Allah and will be answerable. Let’s follow the lessons of family of prophet PBUH and Sahaba not to hurt someone’s feeeling and not to kill the innocents.

    • I agree with you, Fighting between us is giving our enemies to do their dirty work more efficiently….

    • This just shows how ignorant and misguided you are. You are exposing yourself infront of everyone by disclosing your hatred and cruelty for the prophets family. You say come fight me. Well I’ll give you my address because you dont scare us. No matter how cruely you treat us or much threaten us you still wont be able to stop us from saying Labik YA Hussain!!!!! Which openly acknoledges that Imam Hussain was right and Yazeed was wrong. I am not afraid to die and life and death is in the hands of Allah not in yours or anyother of your lanti, Mushriik, Kafir Deobandi friends. If you do believe that, than there is no difference between you and Phiron and Namrood who pictured themselves as God. I just make one dua that, “Oh Allah on the day judegement place me alongside Imam Hussain(A.S) and place you guys Taliban, Deobandi people alongside Yazeed and then do justice accordingly because you Allah cannot ever be wrong.”


  16. @QASJAF456
    I asked you names and you went into details.Just tell me names of those Sahaba (R.A) you curse? So that everybody can see.I have asked a simple question and i expect a simple answer.We will come to the details later on.

    Meanwhile the fatwa
    1. ghâli (ghulât): they repudiate the necessities of religion. for example:

    a) to believe that qur’ân is incomplete.
    b) to call it ‘book of `uthmân’.
    c) elevate sayyiduna `ali karram Allâhu wajhah and other imâms above the prophets salawâtAllâhi `alayhim wat taslîm.
    d) if these imâms are held to be higher than even ONE prophet.
    e) to allege that Allâh `azza wa jall was regretful after issuing a command and hence remorsefully, changed His earlier ruling
    f) to allege that Allâh didn’t realize the wisdom of a certain ruling (or the lack of it) and when He realized it, He changed the rule.
    g) to allege that RasûlAllâh SallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam practised taqiyyah in the course of his tabligh

    those who hold the above and other such statements that amount to disbelief are kâfirs by ijmâ`a. all dealings with them are similar to those with apostates. it is in fatâwâ DHahîriyyah, fatâwâ hindiyyah, Hadiqatun Nadiyyah: [aHkâmuhum aHkâm al-murtaddîn] they are to be dealt with as apostates.

    nowadays, most of the rafiDis fall into this category. their scholars and commoners, men and woman all of them seem to profess the aforementioned beliefs, except Allâh willing otherwise.

    a woman with such beliefs is an apostate. a Muslim cannot marry her, nor a kafir nor an apostate. if a Muslim marries her and has intercourse, it is fornication. and a child born of such a relation is illegal and considered as a bastard.

    2. tabarrâyi (sabbiyyah) : they don’t profess such egregious beliefs but indulge in abusing the SaHâbah.

    some people among this group reject the khilâfah of the shaykhayn raDiyAllâhu `anhumâ. these people are considered kâfir among the fuqahâ as is evident from khulâSah, hindiyyah etc. *BUT* the correct ruling is that of the mutakallimîn and that is they are bid`yis – subject to hell and dogs of hell – but not kâfirs. to marry a woman who belongs to this group, is valid but is profusely disliked. because it is from the Hadîth ‘laa tanâkihûhum’ / don’t marry the people of bid`ah.

    it is in SaHîH Hadîth that a man cursed a she-camel. RasûlAllâh SallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam told them to leave the she-camel since it had become accursed. after this nobody ever touched that she camel (muslim).

    it should be noted that a she-camel, is in no way liable to be cursed. it doesn’t deserve to be cursed. but a tabarrayi rafiDi who curses the shaykhayn is himself cursed by Allâh. “these are the people who are damned by Allâh, and the damnation of the damners upon them” (2:159)

    hence it is not desirable to live with a woman who is accursed (because of her cursing the shaykhayn).

    3. tafDîli (tafDîlîyyah): this group revers all the companions; the accept the leadership of all the four Caliphs raDiyAllâhu ta`âlâ `anhum; but just elevate the position of `Ali raDiyAllahu `anhu above all others.

    these people are nowhere near kufr. however it is bid`ah to do so (consider `Ali higher than others).

    to marry such a woman is permitted (without any difference among fuqaha), yet it is disliked. if being with her may influence one’s opinion of ahlus-sunnah, the dislikeability would increase to the point of prohibitively disliked (makrûh taHrîmi).

    And Allâh sub-Hânahu wa ta`âlâ knows best.


    • There is no point in continuing this debate about religious conflicts because your retarded enough to think that we are terrorrists. A common perspective of a Deobandi.Without even thinking or judging from your own intellect, you are just following dumb individuals advice, words and their false, idiotic and proposterous ideoligy. Your Deobandi, Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat people are anti-American and against their influence in Pakistan yet you take their words and opinions and use them to your advantage about us. YOUR HUGE HYPOCRITES! That is stupidity at its extreme. First know the difference between a Rouge State and a Terrorist state. This term is only used by the United States and yet your quoting when your people are against it. If you say that Shias are terrorists then why did the Americans set up a shia government in Iraq when they were leaving after the Iraq War. All the violence currently taking place is done by the Sunni extremists. So basically I dont even want to argue with a retard because it is a waste of time. “BECAUSE INDIVIDUALS LIKE YOU DON’T USE THEIR BRAINS!” May Allah guide you to the right path.

    • I would salute and congratulate General Pervez Musharraf for what huge favour of relief he has given the people of Pakistan after his honourable role in the Lal Masjid incident. He is my idol because he gave me a good lesson on how to deal with people who are not ready to negotiate peace, brain wash and train suicide bombers, kill innocents, do trecherous acts against the government and are Human rights Violaters. Those type of people are as ignorant as Abujahl may Allah’s curse be on him.

  18. Bhai Sahab ye na khatm honey wali behes hey jo 1400 sal sey chali a rahe hey main ney dono tarf ka bohot coch parha hey bohot dalail suny hain aap log mut laro apas main jo dono ka mushtarqa dushman hey wo hamari in laraion ke waja se kitna mazboot ho gaya hey sochain plz.

  19. “along…mari naik..dah dekat masa berbuka ne” opah menjerit dihalamn rumah..aku cuma tersengih..bila opah mengelangkan kepala….ala..rilek la opah..bukan selalu Qeela berlari..aku pasti sangat yang opah nampak adegan ku mengejar si jongos tadi… aku segera mencari bayang jongos tapi tak kelihatan..tak pa jongos..jaga kau bila aku jmpa kau nanti…hehehehehe

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  30. The reality, however, is that the long-awaited, much-desired “certainty” is a mirage. Uncertainty and volatility, in economics and politics, are now as permanent to the macro landscape as competition, resource scarcity, disruptive technology and the race for talent. Leave aside the false nostalgia for a certainty of outlook that never quite was ? or, rather, for a kind of uncertainty that only seemed to surprise on the upside during the years of the great moderation. Ignore as well the fact that uncertainty and volatility too often are used as synonyms for the structural challenge of the long period of deleveraging still facing major Western economies. No election in the United States, and no leadership change in China ? however orderly, pro-growth, or politically decisive they may be ? can reverse the structural shift towards uncertainty in the global macro environment.

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