Facebook discussion: Mohammed Malick’s show on surrender to Killers “negotiations”

Facebook discussion: Mohammed Malick’s show on surrender to Killers “negotiations”

Malick Show

C1:-From the responses of the participants, I have very little hope that anything good will come out of these negotiations. I fully agree with the concluding remarks that in the eventuality of the negotiations to fail, the full force of the state should be used to crush these mass murderers!!

C2:- The half measures that have been taken so far, have brought us to this day.

C3:- The criminal and pleader of criminals & Killers Fareed Paracha is now projected in media…thanks to N-league.

C1:-  Who is this nut case saying that LeJ is killing Shias in response?

C2:- A demented creep. I wish somebody would ask him when have the Shias God forbid cut the throats of people having different faith and belief? The only times when there have been any killings are in self defense as in Bhakkar recently or few years back in Parachinar. How we can compare it to throat cutting barbarians is beyond understanding.

C1:- Tragedy of our nation is that such demented creeps are projected on media as leaders, Fareed Paracha is another one of that ilk.

C2:- When the leaders seek protection from these creeps how would they convict them? One solution or a part of it is smaller provinces which should be easier to rule, especially in Punjab. Instead of nabbing the MNAs from opposition it would be a good thing if NS takes care of the mosques and madressas which are armed to teeth. A mosque that stops being the house of peace and protection loses its identity and becomes ‘Masid e Zarar; which the Prophet P.B.U.H ordered to be demolished.

C3:- He is a great criminal who has formed a society for release of prisoners (NGO_ to save murderers of LeJ, Sipah-i-Sahaba, Al-qaida, Jaish Mohammadi…) , gets funds from Saudi Arabia, Qatar…darling of ISI.

Javed Ibrahim Paracha ….. Ex MNA Muslim League (N), declares Malik Ishaq and Sipa e Sihaba part of Talibaans and Shia killing is mere defensive killing.

Farid Paracha and Farman Shah, represents PTI.
Draw your own conclusions.


16 responses to “Facebook discussion: Mohammed Malick’s show on surrender to Killers “negotiations””

  1. There is no use talking to such inbreds like Fareed Paracha and PTI’ bufoons. They are the intellectual soldiers of the Taliban, or so they think. This country has gone to the dogs and unless there is a major surgery to take out this malignant growth of radicalism, I am afraid its only a matter of time before there is another 9/11 which will give the foreign forces a perfect alibi to take action against Pakistan under the umbrella of UN. In this context I think Bangladesh has taken very bold steps to get rid of this Jamat in their country. Jamat has no intrinsic value except a nuisance value. I have never seen the Jamatis protesting against load shedding, murder, rapes, corruption, feudalism you name the ill we have. Their record is stuck at “Go Amrika GO”. If anyone wants to know the meaning of a Munafiq hypocrite then just look at the nearest Jamati.

  2. Very well said by Khalid Bhatti. if we see role of JI since birth of Pakistan you said, each word and line very correct. JI is a party who played its major role to destroy our country we see today.

  3. Not only these Jamati munafiqs helped destroy the body politics, but they are the original and founding members of the culture of violence in our colleges. Most of the present day Jamati top leadership was derived from their Jamiat Tulba setup in various colleges. I remember in Karachi during the early 1980′, the Jamat had a group called “Thunder Squad” , in KU, whose members used to carry automatic rifles, when everyone else were packing knives. Jamatis have always remained a step ahead of their competitors as far as arms and ammunition are concerned. These Jamatis have never, and never will, win elections in a democratic setup, and that is the reason why they are always on their knees in front of every dictator, begging for crumbs. I wonder whatever these Jamatis do in the name of Islam here, like dharnas, protests against USA or Israel, burning and looting, if they can do the same in Saudi Arabia or GCC. Jamatis do not want Pakistan to prosper or civilize, because that would mean the end of the Jamat. Their modus operandi is to fan the flames of religious hatred and false issues, which sustains them. Pakistan should now seriously think whether groups like Jamat and like minded trouble makers should be allowed to operate and cause misery and anarchy within society.

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