Outsourcing Defence of Pakistan to Enemies of Pakistan? – by Zarrar Butt

Chief of Pakistan army with chief of Difa-e-Pakistan Council

Pak Army Sipah Salaar General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that 18 per cent of country’s total budget is allocated for armed forces while wrong facts and figures are quoted in TV talk shows in this regard. You may be right, sir, and by those standards Pak Army has never lost a war and Minar-e-Pakistan is the tallest structure on earth. But that still doesn’t explain why an army of over 600,000, which by the way is 5th largest in the world needs Difa-e-Pakistan Council (comprising Jihadi-sectarian militant organizations) for the defence of the country.

Outsourcing is an essential part of many businesses these days and Army being the biggest business empire in the country is doing exactly that. Give your basic duty out on contract and concentrate on the more important ventures like running bakeries, PCOs and restaurants.

I mean just imagine using the tax payers’ money to run these businesses only to fleece them again. Who are you kidding for God’s sake? And I am only talking of the Generals here, because it is the Army of the Generals, by the Generals and for the Generals, rest all being cannon fodder, fauji jawans (soldiers) and civilians alike. Remember the Kargil mis-adventure and the way they disowned their brave soldiers putting it all on the ‘jihadis’, which brings us back to our original topic.

The outsourced Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC) mainly comprises of right wing Jihadi-sectarian parties (JuD, SSP-ASWJ) and politicians (IJazul Haq, Sheikh Rashid, Imran Khan) traditionally linked with the defence establishment and variants of various banned and otherwise jihadi outfits. They brandish sophisticated weapons in their rallies and openly threaten the media with death if they were not given enough coverage. In any civilised society this alone would be enough to apprehend anyone, but not in the land of pure.

Amongst other actors in the cast list is the Napoleon of the East Lt Gen (R) Hameed Gul, who is the Godfather of the Taliban and the ‘conqueror’ of Jalalabad. Once arm in arm with the CIA, now that the dollars have dried up, he has switched sides and become the biggest critic of his masters.

The purpose of the DPC is to garner public support against the US thus bolstering their bargaining chips in the war on terror. The other purpose is to keep the anti-India sentiment alive so as to keep their own shop front open, because they know that the day we have peace with India is the day their monopoly is going to end. Let us be clear, just like the politicians, these generals can’t live without the US dollars and the so called 18 percent of the budget. They need it to maintain their lavish lifestyle, their golf courses and their luxury cars. To keep this all running they have to keep the conflict alive and the fire burning and little do they care if this fire burns a few of their own sub-ordinates and countrymen. According to Ahmed Ludhianvi of SSP-ASWJ (a main party in DPC), the purpose also is to defend Pakistan against an Iranian threat. The sectarian nature of such alliance could not be much clearer.

Little do they realise how dangerous it is that the outsourced actors are being brainwashed in the name of religion. The beautiful and peaceful religion (Islam) is being distorted to serve their purpose and in the process it is creating religious and sectarian divide which is harmful, not helpful, to the defence of Pakistan. These divisions are taking lives of innocent numerical minorities like Shias and Ahmadis every day, because the brand of religion they are taught only promotes intolerance and hate. Only yesterday (18 February 2012), at least 40 innocent Shia Muslims were slaughtered in Parachinar by a Jihadi-sectarian bigot known to be allied with Haqqani Taliban Network, a group known to have close links with SSP-ASWJ and Pakistan’s security establishment. But of course this all is taken as collateral damage in the bigger picture. Such a shame!

Coming to our premier intelligence agency which is supposedly the best in the world, albeit they couldn’t figure out that OBL was living in the heart of Abbottabad garrison. Look how inhumanly they are treating the ‘missing persons’. The mother of three of such missing brothers died a few days ago after seeing the condition of one of her sons. And look what ‘they’ have to say about them to justify the extra-judicial killings:


I question you that if they were guilty and the courts acquitted them, who gave you the right to become their judge, jury and executioner? And if you have that God given right, what stopped you from doing the same with the notorious Malik Ishaq of SSP-ASWJ, killer of at least 70 Shia Muslims and Barelvis, the guy who openly threatened judges and got witnesses killed while in jail and who now is openly seen in your DPC jalsas.

Brave Jihadi warriors of Difa-e-Pakistan Council



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