Taliban Mindset of Punjab Police – by Dr. Khurram Shaukat Yousafzai

The Police were beating 8 people as seen in a video on Geo TV. They were seen beating naked men on their butts, with Leather Lashes which is given names as Mola Jut and Sher-e-Punjab etc in different Thanas of Punjab .

It is the same Punjab, which houses terrorist organizations such as Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar Jhangavi, particularly in central and southern Punjab. The same Mindset which forms the Brain of Taliban too .

The police mistreated the villagers of Chinot of Punjab ruled by Sher-e-Punjab’s brother Shabaz Sharif, who by the way never bothered to visit the place or send his army of MPAs or his representative such as law minister there? Neither there was any statement from Chief Minister. Its seemed that he had seen a ghost.

Whatever happened reminded me of a Taliban footage in Swat; even Taliban were looking docile as compared to these brutal policemen. After all, they had demanded money and bribes from them, which they had refused and were considered worthy of the Chitrol. This is Shahbaz Sharif’s good governance. (Not only in Chiniot but also in Hafizabad.)

The police resorted to an open-air beating on naked butts of these helpless men because they had sent 12 complaint letters to police high ups including IG Police and CM Shabaz Shareef.  Instead of CM taking any action, the Police become brutal and started open air terrorism.

Where is CM Sharif who leaves no stone unturned in branding himself as moral leader of Pakistan and a model for good governance. Is this good governance?

I could not forget the 12 Rabi–ul –Awal incidents in Faisalabad and Sargodha when Sipah Sahaba high handedness in Faislabad and the open brandishing of weapons, and pickups full of Taliban styles riding streets of Faislabad trying to scare the Shias probably.  Some people say they are Part of Taliban upto 40%.

The same Sipah Sahaba leaders ride in cars with Rana Sanaullah, the law minister of PML-N, who openly claims there are no terrorists in Punjab. This fits the classic definition of Terrorism. It seems the Government of Punjab believes in state sponsored terrorism.

Unfortunately, the Islamist media was only too busy in Zardari bashing. It forgot its main role that is to protect the people of Pakistan, and 70% of them are in Punjab and being ruled by Nawaz Sharif’s party and it is high time we should concentrate on them too for a change.



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